Brock Pierce: Decentralisation is coming, but it may not be right now

As one of the few people to embrace innovation in the digital sector, alongside Andrew Yang, Pierce's comments matter.

Speaking to Celsius founder and CEO Alex Mashinsky, Pierce admitted that the push towards decentralised finances is the right way, but that DeFi solutions should not look to be completely autonomous right now.

In the short term, though, Pierce is a staunch believer that a hybrid approach is the best way to go.

He spoke about compromises that must be made between the old and new worlds, referring to non-decentralisation and decentralisation, and how a hybrid approach would make it easier to push for the necessary legal framework that DeFi needs to take off.

Celsius, the company interviewing Pierce, has also been under heavy criticism that it has been promoting a blockchain asset that bears too many of the markings of a centralised model.

But, is that a bad thing?

One good example comes from blockchain casino gaming and specifically from FunFair Technologies.

FunFair develops white label solutions for the blockchain casino industry, creating a completely decentralised and independent model.

It has been successful in ushering in some fantastic games and launching them on select brands such as CasinoFair.

On the other hand, though, we have companies who are happier with a rather more conservative approach. supports a range of cryptocurrencies but it doesn't necessarily favour a decentralised model over a non-decentralised model.

Rather, it allows both fiat and blockchain users to enjoy the gameplay model.

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Written by David


David is co-founder of, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.