Phil Ivey’s $12,000 challenge debuts at Virtue Poker

Updated May 21, 2020 | Published Apr 16, 2020
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Blockchain platform Virtue Poker has today launched the Ivey’s Table promotion, offering players a shot at a $12,000 tournament against poker pro Phil Ivey.
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Anyone playing at Virtue Poker as of yesterday, Wednesday, April 15 and through May 24, will have a shot to qualify for the six-seat table game with one spot reserved for poker legend Phil Ivey himself.

The main event will take place on June 7, 2020, reuniting some of the most successful, and luckiest players within the Virtue Poker community.

Players interested in participating need to qualify by playing Short Deck Texas Hold’em, which Virtue Poker has described as Ivey’s new favorite poker variant.

Two participants will be chosen by the top two in The Short Deck Leaderboard, should they have played more than 200 tournaments. While one seat will also be awarded randomly for a player who has completed 100 Sit & Go tournaments or retweeted the Ivey’s Table official tweet. You could also qualify if you have just played your first Sit & Go.

So, use your skill and top the leaderboard, or rely on lady luck for a longshot of a random pick via one of the other selection methods.

Should a player eliminate Ivey, they will also receive $1,000 bonus to their prize, and if the same player goes on to win Ivey’s Table, they’ll win an additional $1,000.

This will be the first promotion of its kind with Phil Ivey, having been appointed an adviser for Virtue Poker in late 2017.

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