BetFury reveals Hi-Lo promo results

Published May 26, 2020
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BetFury’s Hi-Lo contest has ended and in the two weeks of the event, some 1,837 players took part, wagering over 300,000 TRX in the process.
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The platform shared a breakdown of the general turnover per individual cryptocurrency, the biggest wins, and top 10 winners. In terms of turnover, players generated the following:

  • TRX 27.2 M
  • USDT 3.5 K
  • BTT 118 M
  • BTC 1.7

The biggest win on record was 300,000 TRX or roughly $4,369, and 4,161,300 BTT or roughly $1,148. The platform also listed the names of the top 10 winners who scored the biggest wins over the period:

  1. Bloodfire: 100,000.00 TRX
  2. Manya: 50,000.00 TRX
  3. breaking: 30,000.00 TRX
  4. rektmode: 15,000.00 TRX
  5. maki: 10,000.00 TRX
  6. Interteam: 8,000.00 TRX
  7. TVhqR…: 6,000.00 TRX
  8. TMsDm…: 4,000.00 TRX
  9. ABHTVCEO: 3,000.00 TRX
  10. FuckHiLo: 2,000.00 TRX

BetFury has appealed to players to share their own results with the community on Telegram, whether they have won or not. In the meantime, the operator has also been pushing forward its updated v2.0 which will introduce an array of new features the company describes as “big”.

There has already been a special promotion designed to whip up interest in the upcoming overhaul of the main website and platform. The company’s April results were also promising, indicating that BetFury is on track to continue scaling its offer without facing any particular challenges for the time being.

The community’s numbers have kept growing, indicating trust and successful scaling via social media and to facilitate onboarding, BetFury has allowed the use of other currencies, including BTC, BTT, USDT, and TRX. Earlier, the company teamed up with Changelly to allow potential customers to deposit with FIAT currencies and convert them into cryptocurrencies.

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