Bloomberg dubs Sun ‘Crypto-Casino Czar’

In a recent piece in Bloomberg, Justin Sun was labelled as “Crypto-World Casino Czar.” And while it can be debated whether that has positive connotations or not, it’s clear that the entrepreneur is making waves and a major name for himself amongst the wider financial psyche.

While Sun has not hidden his ambition to converse with financial leaders such as Warren Buffet and convince them of the potential of TRON, he has not been dissuaded by the refusal of the status quo to embrace cryptocurrencies as a viable alternative to FIAT money.

Yet, Sun believes that it’s those who fail to understand him who don’t agree with him. Today, TRON is already innovating in the gaming industry, although the bulk of any business conducted over TRON is focused on crypto gambling.

TRON holds immense potential for the crypto industry and to date, 92% of its $411 million total transaction volume on the blockchain has been attributed to gambling or related fields.

However, Sun has protested at the numbers originally published in the January Dapp Review report which labelled TRON as “Las Vegas on the blockchain.” He argued that the gambling activity taking place on TRON was overstated. He acknowledged that gamblers and gamers do have “great reasons,” to use blockchain though. The likes of have seen immense support of late, and continue to offer a first class casino experience.

TRON has also been given specific boosts with the blockchain-based DLive streaming service briefly hosting PewDiePie, the rowdy YouTube star who has amassed millions from going on camera and saying politically incorrect things about games.

As to Sun himself, the man himself has not hoarded his fortunes. He has attributed $14 million to charity in 2019 alone, some of which has gone out through his Weibo account to parties and fellow entrepreneurs who need the money.

While some have protested to Sun’s “over-promotion,” as he describes his solid digital footprint (he now has a photographer and a dedicated Twitter manager). Staying in the public eye has helped Sun push forth the TRON blockchain in a period that some have described as the “the early barbaric growth period of the crypto industry.”

Last year, CryptoGamblingNews had the good fortune to interview Justin Sun who then said that the community had a central role in the growth of TRON. His actions since that interview continue to reiterate that point time and again.

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Written by Tudor

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