Blackjack pro says XRP will hit $10,000

The casino mogul who helped build Wynn Resorts, argued that Ripple is on its way to the moon in terms of its potential value.

Mr. Wynn himself was a member of the MIT Blackjack Team, a group of Harvard students, who raided casinos in the 1990s to play blackjack and won millions. According to Mr. Wynn, XRP will apparently be able to gain popularity and value owing to the fact that it allows for instant money transfers. One excerpt of his interview reads:

“XRP is instant and at a very low cost. In short, it has a functional use. Right now, price is increasing on demand alone and its application has not been adopted to any great degree. When this happens there will be significant gains.”

Mr. Wynn is investing a lot himself, but he is also staying wary about possible price drops. Asked if he has a quitting price, Mr. Wynn explained that he is just going to follow Ripple and watch it evolve.

Of course, many cryptocurrencies have been designed with the specific purpose of guaranteeing swift transfers. However, the busier a network has got, the more difficult the task at hand became.

XRP is not immune to overloading as well. As a currency used in the igaming world, there are already signs that interest will continue to climb. Casinos such as 1xBit, Stake, and all offer XRP gaming.

However, whether the currency will hit its designated mark is another matter altogether. Perhaps Mr. Wynn is just trying to build hype for his own ends, but there’s no doubting the potential for XRP across a number of business sectors.

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