Bitcoin to surge 200%, Kraken says

According to an official report released by the exchange, bitcoin is at a 21-month low for volatility, and its value is only going to go up as the sudden price fluctuations have been stabilising, something that has taken some time.

Kraken said that July produced a “suppressed pocket” of weak volatility, which should give bitcoin a brighter outlook and render it fairly immune to unwarranted drops in its value. Seeing bitcoin position itself and not tumble is not the most common sight, but as BTC matures, so its tantrums seem to get less frequent.

The company also added that the cryptocurrency’s most recent rally has occasioned the second-strongest July for the cryptocurrency in terms of price performance since 2011, making for a reassuring forecast.

Price volatility has been one of the main issues that bitcoin users have been wary of. Yet, the currency has lived on and investors, and consumers, who have shown nerves of steel have been gradually benefiting from their stake.

A lot of the current bitcoin supply is used at some of the best BTC casinos out there, too. Casino brands, such as and 1xBit have been some of the most active so far as BTC gaming goes.

Even though price fluctuations will definitely yield different results, most gamers have been patient, working on not correlating the value of their BTC with the current price, but rather focusing on increasing their supply.

While there are no guarantees that the best bitcoin casinos will multiply your BTC, players have been quite happy to wager BTC. With the expected 200% rally reported by Kraken, we may yet see a new surge in BTC gaming.

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