Bitcoin continues to edge closer to the $24,000 benchmark

Bitcoin pricing continues to soar with the token posting $23,855.209 as of Monday December 21 with no end in sight for BTC's upsurge.

Bitcoin valuation has been hesitant in the past few years, having its ups and downs, and yet, the longer this climb upwards continues, the more confident investors grow in Bitcoin's potential.

Sure, insiders have been expecting an imminent crash with volatility being a Bitcoin signature style. Yet, few have heeded the warnings, and the recent backing from PayPal has contributed to inspiring confidence in investors. Admittedly, backing Bitcoin did a lot of good for PayPal as well.

Yet, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey remains skeptical about cryptocurrencies and their “intrinsic value” and is more comfortable with the monetary reserves that back traditional currencies.

It's all make believe according to Bailey, but he fails to see that even the traditional financial system is a “myth,” and matters only as long as we decide to use money for exchange of goods.

Dial back the clock to 2015, and Bitcoin was worth only $327, a perfect time to invest in it. Then, in December 2017, Bitcoin briefly peaked at $19,650, becoming one of the most exciting investment opportunities, before it crashed to $3,400 just a year later.

Now, the currency seems to be climbing back up and this makes it a great investment opportunity in the long term, it seems, and one that is definitely worthwhile.

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