Bitcoin ATMs Continue to Deploy Around the US

When traveling it can be worrisome to use your bank card in a foreign city or country. Issues with your bank may block transactions from proceeding due to automated anti-fraud measures. This will no longer be an issue in the City of Williston, North Dakota as it has agreed to install Bitcoin ATMs in its airports.

There are many different brands of Bitcoin ATMs but the City of Williston has agreed to go ahead with Cloud Coin ATMs. Cloud Coin is a very large distributor of Bitcoin ATMs and has over 4000 Bitcoin ATMs in the US and South America.

Cloud Coin’s ATMs have been around since 2017 and have come a long way to make itself a known brand. It calls its machines DCMs (Digital Currency Machines) and boast an offering of much more than Bitcoin.

DCMs have been expanding their reach lately and are now available in most grocery stores around the United States. Recently, Walmart announced it will be adding DCMs to its stores with the help of Coinstar. 

It is unknown at this time what services these airport DCMs will offer. Cloud Coin DCMs can provide up to 40 different currency options including Ethereum, Nano, and stablecoins. These machines can also restrict whether one can buy or sell at some locations. It would make sense for DCMs to allow the sale of digital currencies as a means for travelers to get cash.

The fees for using digital currency machines can be quite high. When these types of ATMs were initially released there were many issues surrounding incorrect rates and overcharging fees.

In recent years these machines have begun to give users a better experience, with the cost of transactions roughly equal to the fees that currency conversion costs when paying a bank.

The City of Williston will not act as the custodial for the DCMs or manage any of the crypto transactions. All purchases and withdrawals will be handled by Cloud Coin.

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Written by Isabella Aslam


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