Bitcasino bonus: Inside the Loyalty Club is one of the oldest crypto casinos around – so it’s no surprise to see it offer Bitcasino bonus. 

Incidentally, it’s also one of the best. 

Committed to upholding the highest standards in blockchain gaming, you can say that Bitcasino is largely responsible for setting these standards, including how the casino advertises promotions to players. 

With a great Bitcasino bonus always in sight, players will find caters to their needs in full.

Today, we will talk about the Loyalty Club available at Bitcasino. 

Unlike any other Bitcoin bonus, the VIP club will allow you to reap benefits as you play along. 


How to become VIP and claim a Bitcoin bonus? has added a bit of exclusivity to its Bitcoin bonus offer. 

While you can check out the treats that await you, this refined club is by invitations only. 

The best way to get shortlisted is to keep playing, and you will be automatically notified when you have reached the required level for joining the offer.

Does this mean you have to spend a lot? Not at all. 

Players are welcome to play and spend as much as they see fit without sweating the details. 

The only thing that matters is consistency. With so much to offer, is already a fantastic option. 

The question is – do you have what it takes to rise to the next level? Let’s find out. 

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Why join the VIP Club in the first place?

There is a bit of everything to try with Bitcasino. 

From excellent invitations, to prestigious events to a dedicated selection of offers and promotions, and not least, a VIP manager who would assist players and guide them through the entire gaming process.

Each aspect of the experience is fulfilling, and we will break it down for you right now. 

And yes, there will be a Bitcasino bonus to benefit from. Let’s take a look at the VIP manager first. 

A person will be assigned to your account, which will be your personal ambassador in Bitcasino while you are part of the VIP Loyalty Club. 

Your very own VIP manager 

The manager can negotiate higher-level personal upsides as well as enable some hidden gems that are otherwise not available for rank-and-file members of the casino. 

You can talk about deposit and banking limits as well as game limits with your VIP manager, having a trusted and reliable connection to the casino around the clock.

Join some great events

By becoming a VIP member, you will have access to some excellent events organised for players such as yourself. 

The VIP Loyalty Club numbers quite a few people and a Bitcasino bonus is never too far.

Each year will have a slightly different schedule, but the long and short of it is that you will get invited to some exclusive events around the clock to make for a truly awesome stay. 

Players will gain quick access to a range of cool events available only to you and fellow VIP loyalists.

*** Consider a getaway experience with Bitcasino VIP ***

There are weekend getaways as well as various trips hosted by Bitcasino for you around the world. 

Players will be invited to attend a number of high-profile sports events. 

The VIP Loyalty Club actually keeps a very good history of all previous events, which will definitely help you feel part of a community more so than anything else.

Looking for unique offers and promotions 

The casino VIP Club features all sorts of awesome treats you would be excited to try. 

As Bitcasino puts it, you should let the casino shower you with rewards that are created to appeal to your particular taste. 

There are leaderboards and free spins to enjoy as well as all sorts of excellent cashback opportunities and general ways to claim a fantastic Bitcasino bonus. 

The leaderboards are updated hourly, and you can partake in live raffles.

Yet, there is more! 

Players will be able to cut their teeth on some awesome promos, including the weekly raffles, wager-free bonuses, and free spins for many new games. 

Becoming a part of the VIP club is always an awesome treat and one that will boost your experience in fresh and exciting ways. 


How about a VIP trip to London?

Players will have a chance to visit London and join a live casino floor to enjoy a special experience. 

The VIP trip will change its parameters from one year to the next, but you can rest assured that is quite happy to take your experience to the next level. 

Great VIP games to try with

Now that you have a Bitcasino bonus, you may want to put it to some good use. 

There are plenty of excellent games that you will find at 

In fact, you can pick from over 2,000 games, which is awesome.

The portfolio of games will be updated regularly to provide you with the single most exciting titles you can wish for. 

Players will have access to some awesome slot games and progressive jackpots and enjoy safe withdrawals, a fun 10% cashback bonus and transparent payouts.

*** Don’t miss’s VIP experience with the Club Privé offer ***

Better yet, there is the Bombay Club, a High Roller Live Dealer experience tailored for all members of the casino, and especially the VIP Loyalty Club members. 

Players will get to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding experience featuring some high-limit tables that will excite players in more than one way. 

The so-called Salon Privé options are there to introduce you to an alternative form of fun, including games such as Speed Baccarat, Blackjack, Speed Roulette, and others.

Join the tournaments VIP or otherwise!

A Bitcasino bonus can go a long way to help you experience the casino to its fullest potential. 

Yet, there are other ways to have quite a bit of fun, and they include participation in tournaments. 

You will find yourself absolutely thrilled with the experience and join cool events hosted right at

The tournaments aren’t limited to just slot games as are most other casinos, though. 

You will find Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming, which will offer quite the variety. 

Even if you are not invited to the VIP Loyalty Club, there are other cool perks to benefit from!


Join the Loyalty Club

There is no need to be a VIP member to enjoy the good side of life. 

As it turns out, is prepared for virtually anything that might interest you. 

Players will be able to join the cool loyalty program that allows them to scale up their experience as they play along.

The loyalty program will grant you levels and rewards and allow you to note down your valuable progress. 

You will get points for every spin you place and enjoy exclusive discounts of all sorts. 

Players are welcome to book their favourite slots and table games for later. 

There is also something calls dynamic rewards. 

The best experience is the personalised casino experience, and you will definitely be able to enjoy that. makes its offer available to players regardless of the cryptocurrency they use. 

So long as the currency is supported, Bitcoin will allow you to reap awesome benefits from the loyalty club.

There are several levels you can scale up through, and you will definitely have every reason to enjoy your journey to the top. 

Players will all start as beginners and progress all the way to the rank of expert.

With the Bitcasino bonus, please remember that there are zero wagering requirements.

Every piece of promo available at the casino will always be free of any restrictions.

A final word before you head out for the VIP offers

Being a part of the VIP Loyalty Club definitely feels good. 

You will be privy to prizes that few of your fellow players would even know to exist. will go the extra mile to ensure you are treated well, and you will be free to play with any currency. 

Sure, the Bitcoin bonus is the biggest draw here, and you will find more than one. 

But, if you want to play with other currencies, there are plenty of choices available.

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Written by David


David is co-founder of, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.