Binance apologizes for embarrassing swastika emoji

Binance made a gaffe on Wednesday, tweeting a swastika-like emoji that quickly elicited a strong response and criticism from social media community.

The company quickly realized the mistake and remedied the situation by taking the tweet down and replacing it with a message in which it acknowledged that the “situation was really embarrassing”.

Binance assured that it has several reviewing layers in place to ensure that such mistakes do not happen and had no immediate explanation how the L-shaped arms emoji could have passed that without anyone realizing what it stood for.

More surprisingly, both the Binance and Changpeng Zhao twitter accounts pushed the tweet at the same time, with nobody seeing why the emoji would be received in poor taste.

While the swastika on its own is not necessarily a sign of evil, its use by Nazi Germany during World War II and the atrocities committed against the Jewish people have made it so.

Meanwhile, Binance has changed its position on doing business with Russia, which has been conducting a war against Ukraine.

Binance, which previously refused to do so, said it would limit the accounts of Russian businesses, Russian nationals and other businesses in the country who have assets worth more than €10,000.

Binance objected to enacting such measures before arguing that financial freedoms should be upheld and that mainstream finances were the main culprit for obfuscating and dodging taxes.

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