Biden campaign determined to woo crypto bros

Joe Biden wants you to know that his campaign is not tone deaf to the pleas of the crypto industry for democratization of regulation

The Biden administration wants to send a clear message of friendship to the crypto industry which has been increasingly wooed by Donald Trump and his team, as the former president is seeking a reelection bid against the incumbent.  

Trump has already been making waves with the crypto community, announcing that he would pardon Silk Road founder and becoming the first officially elected presidential nominee for a party in the United States to openly endorse crypto donations for his campaign.

Trump tapped further into the crypto base by promising to pass laws that would allow the industry to thrive under his benevolent rule. The former President is also a crypto investor himself, unlike Biden who has mostly kept the industry at an arm’s length and not signaled any preparedness to work with it outside of conventional wisdom which is mostly dictated by legislature and regulators.

No longer, as the Biden campaign realizes that crypto investors are not loyal to a single party and could actually influence the vote in any candidate’s favor. This is especially crucial since the intensifying competition between President Biden and Trump is likely to be extremely close.

President Biden though is not off to a great start. He had previously been approached by crypto insiders who had sympathized with the Democratic party, but were rebuffed by the incumbent, who is now changing tact.

This begs the question if it would be too late to secure prominent crypto leaders in the Biden’s campaign and what promises can the President make and uphold against an opponent with a totalitarian strike and no actual commitment to delivering on promises.

The good news is that Biden’s campaign had realized their early mistake to snub the crypto industry and engage with it. The election most likely hangs on it.

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