Sports betting platform BETR has made its first foray into the affiliate marketing sector with a major new upgrade it says is the first of its kind in the affiliate industry.

The affiliate program allows BETR wallets introduced by affiliates to be tagged. This enables commissions to paid directly and instantly from the layer wallet.

A commission is calculated on each losing bet, at an initial rate of 1.5 percent, with the affiliate receiving the tokens immediately after the punter has lost the bet.

This unique approach should prove more lucrative to affiliates than alternatives; indeed, it should equate to around 20 percent of gross gaming revenues.

Affiliates will also be delighted to hear that there is no negative carry over, and referred players will remain tagged on the blockchain.

BETR CEO Adriaan Brink said the program will help drive user numbers by attracting affiliates from across the gaming industry.

“The instant commission pay-out from layer wallets to affiliate wallets is a one of a kind in this industry and a game changer for affiliates,” he added.

BETR was trading down 6 percent today for a market cap of just under $500,000.