Social betting platform Bethereum is holding its second bi-monthly loyalty program airdrop tonight, with a pool in excess of 1.7m BETHER tokens to be distributed – equal to more than $2,000 at current prices.

To qualify for the airport, which takes place at midnight GMT on March 6, eligible program members must keep a balance of at least 3,000 BETHER. Currently more than 1,000 players qualify.

A holding of 10,000 BETHER would result in an estimated loyalty airdrop of an additional 172 BETHER.

Tokens will automatically be sent within a few days of the airdrop date, although if an individual’s allocation is less than 500 BETHER tokens, it will be carried over to the next airdrop period, scheduled for May 1, 2019.

BETHER has enjoyed a strong month of trading so far in March, up 50 percent since the start of the month to $0.001354 for a total market cap of $430,000.

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