Social betting platform Bethereum (BETHER) has announced a new token holding loyalty program as it pushes forward with ambitious plans to corner the social wagering space.

In a Medium post, the Bethereum team said that from October, token holders will be able to register via a new community page.

Those with a registered wallet will be eligible to receive a portion of a monthly airdrop. The number of tokens in each airdrop will increase by 600 BETHER per eligible registration to the program.

To number of BETHER tokens will be proportionate to each users stake in the total number of tokens held in the program. In other words, the more holders commit to the program, the more they will receive.

Bethereum said further details on the scheme, as well as the full rules, will be announced via a new community page which will launch soon.

The move should be enough to persuade holders of the estimated 244 million BETHER tokens in circulation to keep hold, at least for the time being.

It is not the first mechanic built by the Bethereum team designed to push the price of BETHER upwards.

Central to the concept is a 3.75 percent charge on winnings on the platform to cover third-party services. However, smart contracts ensure 10 percent of this commission is burned, decreasing supply of the token as more people use it to wager.

Bethereum is currently live with an iOS prototype, with a full platform launch expected imminently.

At time of writing, BETHER was trading at $0.00345403 giving it a market cap of $844,553.