BetFury has kickstarted its two-phase, month-long bounty program with significant rewards for participants.

The campaign will unfold in two phases. To participate, you need to register for a BetFury account and have an active social account on all social networks required for the promotion. These include:

Secondly, you will have to put a BetFury logo as your avatar or choose the Fury raccoon, the website’s mascot, for your social accounts. To accompany this, you’ll need to use the hashtag #betfuryfollower in on a post on Steemit, Reddit and Twitter.

Lastly, just leave a Telegram message in their channel to let the company know you are playing BetFury, and once all is done, just fill in a quick form here.

Participants in the first leg of the campaign will divvy up a healthy 20,000 TRON (TRX) each week. All 50 top weekly participants will share in the reward.

In the second leg of the contest, you will be asked to write a creative piece, whether it’s an article, review, comparison or blog about your experience with BetFury, which can be in English, Spanish or Russian.

For the full details of the promotion, visit the official blog post that describes everything in detail.

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