BetFury: where crypto entertainment meets lucrative staking rewards

$BFG token offers lucrative staking opportunities with up to 50% APY, distributed daily

BetFury celebrated its fourth anniversary in October 2023, having established itself as a leading gaming platform with a robust community of more than 55,000 holders and circulating more than three billion of its native $BFG tokens across various exchanges.

Betfury offers 5,000+ games and 80+ sports

The platform's appeal lies within its diverse array of entertainment options including over 80 sports for crypto betting, presenting odds that surpass market averages.

Betfury's casino boasts a diverse array of games, including slots, table games, live casino experiences, and original, in-house developed titles like keno and hi-lo. With more than 5,000 games available, players of all preferences can find something to enjoy.

Additionally, Betfury provides extensive sports betting options covering classic sports, special events, and popular leagues like football and basketball, with various betting options including moneyline, point spread, and live betting.

For poker enthusiasts, Betfury offers a range of options from classic Texas Hold'em to fast-fold poker, ensuring an exciting gaming experience for all players.

While BetFury operates primarily with cryptocurrencies, offering a plethora of games, it is important to note that regulatory oversight may be limited, and access may be restricted in certain regions.

$BFG unlocks lucrative staking opportunities

The $BFG token on BetFury is built on Binance Smart Chain and serves various purposes, including offering lucrative staking opportunities. Holding $BFG tokens allows users to receive a share of the platform's profit through staking pools, with up to 50% annual percentage yield (APY).

Staking rewards are distributed daily based on the amount of $BFG tokens held. Additionally, converting $BFG to stBFG (a special internal BetFury token) doubles the staking reward boost, providing even higher passive income.

BetFury introduced the new BetFury internal token, stBFG, last week. It offers the unique opportunity to double staking rewards without any conversion fees. Users can exchange their $BFG tokens for stBFG on the $BFG staking page, locking them for 365 days.

stBFG holders receive twice the passive income compared to $BFG holders, contributing to the platform's ecosystem loyalty program.

While stBFG functions similarly to $BFG, it has restrictions on certain activities like deposits, withdrawals, and crypto swaps. However, stBFG bets contribute to total wagers, increasing user ranks and enabling participation in the bonus system.

Users can acquire $BFG tokens by playing games, placing bets, or exchanging on partner exchanges like Biswap and PancakeSwap.

Furthermore, $BFG tokens facilitate trading, gaming, sports betting, and participation in BetFury bonuses.

The platform supports tokenomics through monthly $BFG burnings and the integration of stBFG token locks to maintain balance and increase token value over time.

From futures trading to NFT lootboxes

Recent developments saw BetFury introduce BetFury Futures in February. This is a new feature allowing users to engage in futures trading with potential winnings of up to x1000. Traders can speculate on the future prices of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, and XRP without committing to an expiration date.

Additionally, BetFury also launched FuryWaves, a betting game based on futures trading, offering an entertaining alternative to traditional trading.

BetFury Futures is not the sole captivating feature provided by the platform. Back in December 2023, BetFury introduced NFT lootboxes, offering users a chance to win rare NFTs and other prizes.

Users can explore various NFT lootboxes with rewards such as cryptocurrencies, free spins for games, free bets for sports betting, and the platform's native token $BFG.

BetFury's NFT lootboxes contain well-known NFT collections like Wrapped Cryptopunks and BoredApeYachtClub.

Furthermore, Betfury runs a highly lucrative referral program, offering referrers up to $1,500 in shared rewards and a permanent commission bonus of up to 30% from the gameplay of the invited friends.

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