BetConstruct launches multi-wallet and custom token solutions

Multi-Wallet streamlines multiple wallet management, including crypto and fiat currencies

BetConstruct, a technology supplier for the igaming sector, has unveiled a pair of groundbreaking solutions, namely the Multi-Wallet and Custom Token features. These innovations are designed to foster stronger connections between crypto and igaming enterprises.

The Multi-Wallet feature presents a transformative prospect for players and partners alike. By streamlining the management of multiple wallets—comprising both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies—for deposits, withdrawals, and gameplay, this innovation eliminates the need for conversion processes.

A seamless integration with leading crypto wallets like MetaMask further simplifies accessibility for all users.

Furthermore, BetConstruct’s Custom Token solution extends the success achieved by its FTN tokens. Developed on the Bahamut platform and propelled by smart contract software, these tokens come with customizable variables catering to a range of business requirements.

From a technical standpoint, BetConstruct offers comprehensive support by overseeing token listings across both centralized and decentralized exchanges. This includes crucial services such as liquidity management, market-making, promotions, and marketing. 

Additionally, the company addresses legal considerations by assisting in the establishment of token-issuing entities, crafting and reviewing whitepapers, providing legal assessments, facilitating bank account setup, formulating agreements, and obtaining crypto exchange licenses across diverse jurisdictions.

The integration of the Multi-Wallet and Custom Token features marks an ambitious stride for BetConstruct. By offering user-friendly solutions for crypto management and token personalization, the company is positioned to forge robust connections, paving the way for businesses to explore an array of compelling prospects.

Another recent development was revealed in July when BetConstruct introduced its decentralized casino platform, DECA. DECA operates on a blockchain-based structure, and its integration of FastChannels technology ensures fast transactions, supporting both native and ERC20 currencies, while its compatibility with various Ethereum-based blockchains enhances its accessibility. 

Additionally, BetConstruct received approval from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) in January to allow its partner Vivaro Limited to accept player deposits in cryptocurrencies, enabling Vivaro to expand its operations and engage players who use both traditional and digital payment methods. 

This move aligned with BetConstruct's strategic adoption of Fasttoken (FTN) as its primary payment method. In November 2022, BetConstruct introduced Fastex Chain, a fresh blockchain platform in its Fastex ecosystem.

Fastex Chain brought in the Proof of Stake and Activity (PoSA) consensus mechanism, validating transactions through user actions and interactions with smart contracts.

Fasttoken (FTN) was designated to function as the inherent currency for the blockchain, as well as for multiple products within the Fastex ecosystem.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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