With an ambitious plan to provide a decentralized application that lets users bet on “everything, always, everywhere” Betbox is aiming big. We chatted with ceo Godly Stefan to find out more. 

Please could you introduce Betbox, its background and what it is setting out to achieve?

Godly Stefan: We are aiming to become a global provider for any kind of monetized event. The ecosystem built by betbox facilitates several endpoints to launch user applications on a POA blockchain with distributed nodes. The betbox coin, the native currency, is used to pay for transaction fees and to participate in certain offered features and events.

The company itself launches a dapp for social betting and blockchain based jackpot games. But also it offers API endpoints for other developers to connect to the ecosystem.

What is the team behind Betbox?

GS: We at betbox are a crazy bunch of people with broad experience in various sectors needed to be successful in this business sector reaching from gambling activity, marketing, IT, compliance up to business transformation and leadership. 

Our team is distributed throughout the world ranging from Switzerland, Nigeria, Kosovo, Ukraine to Spain.

It is very important for the newbies to offer a unique experience and not step into the big footsteps of the large betting operators

Godly Stefan, CEO, betbox

What are the prime factors differentiating Betbox from other crypto gambling projects?

GS: We are not penetrating the old lame industry sector which is crowded with projects. We are opening a new position in a untouched market; monetized social media!

We believe that we can cover the current need of people to interact globally in a easy and fancy way. Then we spice it up with special features like challenges, or jackpot games to give our users the option to promote themselves and earn money. Or simply win a cool prize with a few cents…

Betbox's whitepaper states the aim to bring crypto gaming to a mainstream audience. How do you go about achieving this?

GS: We will operate through an easy-to-use application which is available for anyone around the globe. Furthermore, we plan to introduce FIAT (stablecoins) based activities which reach a broader audience than ICO tokens. People will eventually become more comfortable with unstable currencies but still prefer a stablecoin option for certain events. We plan to offer both; to not limit the creativity of our community.

How do you see the outlook for blockchain technology within the gambling sector?

GS: The outlook is great. In our opinion there are many opportunities for start-ups to reach a large audience but there are a lot of players in the market already. It is very important for the newbies to offer a unique experience and not step into the (too) big footsteps of the large betting operators.


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