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Best TRON casinos

TRON (TRX) gambling has taken off in recent months. Many TRON casinos and gambling DApps have launched, offering you the chance to win big on fun TRON games like dice, rocket, roulette, slots and more. These DApps also offer great TRON bonuses and a way to make money in the form of TRON casino dividends. This is our guide to the best TRON casinos and the top TRON gambling websites.

Why play at TRON casinos?

So, why play at TRON casinos. There are a number of good reasons.

Perhaps most importantly, these casinos are provably fair. This means there is no chance that you are being ripped off or scammed by the casino. Sadly, crypto casinos have not always been the safest or fairest places to play over the years. There have been reports of rigged games and casinos stealing people’s money.

With decentralized TRON casinos, the games are provably fair and you can check their legitimacy on the blockchain. Similarly, your TRX remains in your TRON wallet, so the casinos will not run off with your winnings!

There are a number of other advantages TRON gambling DApps have over other cryptocurrency gambling. The TRON blockchain is extremely fast, meaning transactions are near instant. Unless Bitcoin or Ethereum, you will not be waiting around for ages to play. We like our action fast and furious.

TRON casinos also offering a growing range of fantastic games to play. While early TRON DApps focused on simple games like dice and moon, many now offer great slots games, and some are even expanding into peer-to-peer games, like Texas Hold’em Poker.

Read on to learn more about gambling with TRON.

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Getting started with TRON

Before you can begin playing at TRON casinos, you need to be set up with a TRON wallet. CryptoGamblingNews.com recommends using TronLink, as it is the most popular TRON wallet available, and makes it easy to play your favourite TRON games.

If you are using a web browser, such as Chrome, you can download TronLink from the Chrome store. If you are on a mobile device, there are a number of TRON mobile wallets for both Android and iOS available.

Once your wallet is up and running, fund it with TRON, which can be done easily by purchasing at a cryptocurrency exchange. We recommend using STEX, where you can purchase TRX with Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, TRON is traded on countless exchanges; a full list is available here.

Once your wallet is set up and funded with TRON, you are ready to play!

How to pick a TRON gambling DApp

Picking a TRON gambling DApp or casino can be daunting, with so many on offer.

That is why CryptoGamblingNews.com has put together this page, which includes a ranking, full reviews and bonus information from the best TRX casinos about.

We suggest reading some of the reviews to decide which you like the best.

But the great thing about TRON gambling is that once you are set up with TronLink or another TRON wallet, there is no sign-up process when you want to play at a new casino.

If your TRON wallet is connected, you can play directly on these DApps from your wallet, without the need for usernames, passwords and long forms to fill out.

This means it is worth trying a few different TRON betting DApps before picking your favourite.

Making money from TRON casinos

The great thing about TRON casinos is that most of them offer a way to share in the casino’s profits in the form of a dividend.

Here is how most work. The more you play at any given casino, the more of that TRON casino’s token you earn. Some of the more popular tokens are TRONbet’s ANTE token and TronVegas’ VCOIN token.

By ‘freezing’ these tokens on the appropriate platform, you will receive a proportional share of the total casino profits, usually paid every day but in some instances even paid every hour.

This is a fantastic way to invest in the huge success of TRON gambling DApps, and to make some extra money while enjoying some TRX betting.

What’s more, many of these coins are now tradeable on crypto currency exchanges and centralized TRON exchanges such as TronTrade. This means you can buy and sell these coins and invest in a number of different casinos, depending on which you believe will generate the biggest dividend in the future.

It also means that if you earn lots of tokens while playing at a TRON casino, you can sell them on the market to make some extra TRX.

TRON gambling bonuses

TRON casinos offer a number of fantastic bonuses.

These usually take the form of the tokens that earn you a dividend from the casino. Make sure to click through via the CryptoGamblingNews.com link to each casino to ensure you qualify for this great TRON bonus and all other future bonuses offers by TRON casinos.

Is it safe and legal to gamble with TRON?

Before you start gambling with TRON, we would recommend checking the legal status in your jurisdiction.

As a general rule, it is important to be of legal gambling age.

TRON casinos are generally decentralized. This means they are controlled by smart contracts on the TRON blockchain, not by a single individual or organisation.

This is a great insurance and a way to guarantee the games are fair and you won’t have your TRX stolen.

However, it is possible that TRON casinos will stop operating without any notice. If this happens and you have invested in the token of that casino, you could lose your investment.

On balance, TRON casinos are among the safest option for cryptocurrency gambling and crypto casinos. But as ever, be careful with all cryptocurrency dealings.

How popular are TRON casinos and TRON gambling?

TRON gambling has become hugely popular over the last few months. Many of the most used DApps on TRON – or indeed any – blockchain are casino and gambling DApps.

Many of the most successful TRON casinos have thousands of players active every day, which is a great vote of confidence in the product.

And these players love to gamble with TRX. Hundreds of millions of TRX tokens are gambled across TRON DApps every week. Indeed, in the first quarter of 2019, more than $1 billion in TRON was gambled in total.

This number is only going to increase as more people learn about the benefits of gambling with TRON.

And as ever, CryptoGamblingNews.com will be on hand with the best reviews, bonuses and news on TRON casinos.


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