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Best EOS casinos

The cryptocurrency gaming and gambling ecosystem is driven by decentralized applications, or dApps. The EOS network is specifically designed to help developers create and deploy dApps, making it the ideal platform for EOS gambling and EOS casinos.

The flexible nature of the EOS network has resulted in the creation of a diverse EOS gambling ecosystem, which now users to play a variety of games that include EOS dice, EOS roulette, EOS slots, and more.

One of the most interesting elements of EOS-based casinos is the transparent nature of the smart contracts used to power them — most EOS casinos offer provably fair games. In this guide, we’ll proceed to break down the best EOS casinos and EOS gambling games, present gaming strategies, and provide a basic breakdown of how to get started with EOS.

Why play at EOS casinos?

There are many different blockchain networks, and just as many crypto currency-based casinos. The dApp-focused EOS ecosystem, however, makes it a unique choice for gamers looking for cryptocurrency gambling platforms.

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Trust Dice outlines plans to grow token economy

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Trust Dice review: Is this the best EOS-powered casino?

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EOS, launched in January 2018, is the product of the most successful ICO of all time, raising over $4 billion dollars. The EOS blockchain was developed with two specific goals in mind — a solution to the blockchain scalability problem that results in slow transaction throughput, and the creation of platform for decentralized applications.

The EOS network achieves these goals, both of which make it an ideal platform for crypto gamblers. The high transaction speed of the EOS network means that it’s not necessary to wait hours for Bitcoin transactions to fund EOS casino wallets. In many cases, EOS casinos offer integration with in-browser EOS wallet solutions, allowing players to use EOS stored securely in wallets they control.

The dApp-focused EOS ecosystem, however, makes it the ideal blockchain for crypto gamblers. The ease with which developers are able to create and deploy decentralized applications on the EOS blockchain means players benefit from a wide range of game options.

There are currently more than 460 different EOS apps, plenty of which offer casino game functionality. The vast amount of EOS gambling dApps means that the EOS gambling ecosystem is home to many players and turns over significant volume — the highest ranking EOS gambling dApps and sites turn over tens of millions in weekly volume across tens of thousands of users.

EOS gambling sites are able to provide gamers with the assurance that the games they offer aren’t rigged by using provably fair smart contracts. In the case of random number games such as EOS dice, for example, EOS casinos use two seeds as part of the random number generation process. The EOS casino will generate a seed number, which is added to a seed number submitted by the player — these two numbers are used to generate the game outcome, ensuring EOS games aren’t rigged.

Provably fair EOS casinos also publish results directly to the blockchain and via the casino platform itself to ensure they are publicly verifiable.

How to get started with EOS

Before jumping in to EOS casinos, it’s necessary to first obtain some EOS — which means setting up an EOS wallet. There are many different types of wallets to choose from, such as highly secure hardware wallets, software wallets, or exchange wallets.

It’s important to store your EOS in a secure option such as a Ledger hardware wallet when you’re not using it, but these solutions can be slightly inconvenient if you’re planning on depositing and withdrawing EOS from an EOS casino frequently.

Using an exchange to store your EOS is highly insecure — exchanges are frequently targeted by hackers, so if you’ve got EOS on an exchange, it’s best to move it to a safer wallet as soon as possible. The Infinito wallet is a smartphone-based wallet that offers convenience and high security levels, and offers a strong balance between security and ease of use.

Similarly, Exodus is a desktop PC and mobile wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including EOS, making withdrawing and funding EOS casino wallets simple. Lastly, the GreyMass EOS Voter Wallet is a wallet that allows users to access the expanded functionality of the EOS network in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Once you’ve got your EOS wallet, you’ll need to fund it with EOS. It’s possible to use a wide variety of exchanges to purchase EOS with either fiat currency or cryptocurrency — Crypto Gambling News recommends HitBTC, which allows users to purchase EOS quickly and easily.

After loading your wallet with EOS, you’ll need to fund your wallet on the EOS casino you’ve chosen. When making EOS transactions, it’s important to check whether the platform requires a memo in addition to the destination address. If the casino requires this and you don’t include it, your transaction might be delayed or lost.

How to Choose the Right EOS Gambling dApp

There are hundreds of different EOS gambling dApps to choose from. When selecting an EOS gambling dApp, there are a number of points you should consider before signing up:

  • Is the EOS Casino or dApp provably fair? It’s important to ensure the casino you’ve chosen is provably fair to make sure you’re not playing against rigged odds.
  • Are there any bonuses for new players? Many EOS casinos and dApps offer bonuses to new players
  • How many players does the platform have? The best EOS casinos and EOS gambling dApps have high user volume — it’s important to check the volume of the platform before playing.
  • What kind of games does it offer? The most important element of choosing the right EOS casino is fun — if a platform doesn’t have the games you want to play, then it’s not worth playing at all!

How to Make Money From EOS Casinos

There are many different EOS gambling games, with as many different strategies and techniques for winning. Many EOS casinos offer another method of generating profit apart from winning bets, however. Using staking systems or wager-to-mine systems, many platforms allow users to share in the profits they generate.

These systems vary, but all typically provide users with rewards equivalent to the amount of EOS they wager or stake. Wager-based rewards are provided based on the total volume a player wagers, while staking rewards are provided to players that freeze their tokens on a platform in order to receive a proportionate amount of platform profits.

Other EOS casinos reward players with dedicated cryptocurrency tokens for wagering, which can then be accumulated for higher stakes or even traded on cryptocurrency exchanges for more EOS — or any other cryptocurrency.

EOS Gambling Bonuses: How do They Work?

Most EOS casinos will present EOS casino bonus offers to players. These bonuses take many forms. Some casinos will offer players EOS slots free spins, while others will provide players with a deposit bonus.

Free spins are relatively simple — in return for funding their EOS casino wallets, platforms will provide a specific amount of free spins on predetermined slots games. Deposit bonuses are a little bit more complicated, and are often calculated as a percentage of a deposit made.

The best EOS casino bonuses, for example, will provide players with certain percentage amount bonus for a first deposit. If a platform offers a 110% first deposit bonus, for example, and you deposit 100 EOS, you’ll be able to play with 110 EOS.

In most cases, this bonus EOS is “play only” bonus — which means it can’t be withdrawn without being played first. If you receive 10 additional EOS to play with, as per the example above, you’ll need to wager it and use it to win before withdrawing it.

EOS casino bonuses often also require that uses wager a certain amount before the bonus can be withdrawn — this amount generally ranges between 10 and 50 times the bonus amount. If you earned 10 EOS in bonuses as per the above example via a bonus that has a wagering requirement of 10x, you’d need to wager 100 EOS on the platform before withdrawing it.

Is it Legal to Gamble with EOS?

Before playing any online gambling or casino game it’s essential to check your local laws and regulations governing gambling and make sure you’re legally entitled to gamble. Answering the question: “Is crypto gambling legal?” depends entirely on your local jurisdiction.

In the United States, for example, crypto gambling is not expressly illegal, and is largely governed by the same laws that govern online gambling. The enforcement of any online gambling laws when it comes to EOS, however, would be tricky — the inherently decentralized nature of EOS and EOS gambling dApps means it’s extremely difficult to determine who is playing them.

Are EOS Casinos Safe?

Reputable EOS casinos and reputable EOS dapps are, in most cases, extremely safe. The decentralized nature of EOS means it’s possible to deposit EOS to a safe EOS casino, have fun wagering, then withdraw your EOS at the end of your gaming session.

In order to ensure your EOS is safe, however, it’s important to not store any EOS on any EOS gambling dapp or casino. The high speed of EOS transactions means that it’s easy to quickly withdraw EOS after gaming, eliminating the risk of losing your EOS if an EOS casino shuts down unexpectedly.


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