BC.Game review: Multi-crypto casino is a hit

Welcome to our BC.Game review. Here we will talk about a brand that has seen the upside of blockchain and instilled it with success across its entire offer.

BC.Game is a casino gaming platform dedicated entirely to this blockchain gaming type. You won't find traditional casino-style games, but something better.

All products at BC.Game are provably fair, meaning they are verified by a public ledger.

Blockchain has helped us enjoy various cryptocurrencies and deposits and withdrawals feel so much quicker thanks to Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

You are free, of course, to pick the currencies that give you the best comfort, while still enjoying the same experience.

We have decided to go at some length in our BC.Game review, so strap yourself in, as we break the details down for you.

BC.Game review: The bonuses you can claim!

It doesn't get any better than this. Casino bonuses and promotions will always be an integral part of your gaming experience.

Especially if they are anything as good as the ones you will find at BC.Game. Players will get the opportunity to pick from three main categories of promos:

  • Maximum bonus
  • Daily bonus
  • Lucky prize

At first, this doesn't seem like much, but when you start digging, you will find a world bustling with opportunity.

The maximum bonuses come with neat little gems such as the Task Bonus. The premise is simple. BC.Game will assign you tasks and you will complete them for a reward.

Depending on the difficulty of the task, the better the reward you will get. If you come in a possession of a Master Medal, you will be able to activate it for an additional prize.

But, you need to remind yourself that claiming this medal is rather difficult to begin with. Then, you have the Shit Code.

Enjoy true blockchain gaming with BC.Game and its bonuses

The crass name aside, Shitcode are bonus codes that are gifted to your balance by BC.Game.

Next, you have the Daily bonuses, a beast of their own.

Nothing spices up your daily gaming like some new task to tackle, and this category has it all.

You can try a variety of initiatives, such as the Roll Competition, Where is COCO, and Lucky Spin.

These tasks may end up changing from time to time, but you will always have something new and exciting to try.

Oh, and to make the experience even better, you may enjoy the Rain feature, which means that every six hours, six players from the chat will get a freebie from the casino.

Our BC.Game review helps you pick a favourite

As part of our BC.Game review, we had a very good look at the available games. With fifteen excellent choices to pick from, it's easy to see why you will be tempted to try all.

Fifteen doesn't sound like too many, but BC.Game is about the blockchain experience, which means provably fair titles and a generous house edge.

The average house edge is 1%, that is definitely a great opportunity for you to bet with your cryptocurrency and have a fair chance at success.

How successful of course depends purely on luck, but this doesn't make it any less fun. Now, there are a few games that will remind you of a traditional casino.

They include Blackjack, Video Poker, and Roulette. All three games come with a minuscule 1% house edge except for Roulette which sports 2.7%.

The good news in the case of roulette is you can just as easily use a strategy that will help you offset the house edge.

Try games you don't want to miss out on

Pick your Martingale or Fibonacci, it doesn't matter. The next great feature of the experience is that all of these games are actually social.

Yes, social. BC.Game wants you to have a blast. You join some of these games and can see the avatars of fellow players.

Meanwhile, the right hand-side chat panel is keeping busy with players going over all sorts of topics.

Or they just linger, so that they may get a freebie when the six-hour cycle restarts. We all have our buttons, but if you are looking to play something great, we have plenty to recommend.

Each of these blockchain gems is unique, from Saviour Sword to Hash Dice, from Oriental Beauties to Mines.

Payments are simple with crypto

It's true. Our BC.Game review just confirms a well-established fact. It's rather easy to deposit or cash out your funds.

BC.Game allows you to use a variety of cryptocurrencies, all with the sole purpose of making the experience flawless.

As a result, you will be able to enjoy a variety of currencies, including BTC, SATS, ETH, B, T, XRP, DOGE, USDT, and LTC.

Players are very welcome to deposit any amount they see fit in the denomination they prefer.

Another upside of the banking experience with BC.Game is that it is quick.

You will be able to deposit and withdraw instantly, thanks to the powerful blockchain technology that underpins the casino.

A quick way to get in touch

Getting in touch is important as you may need some assistance from the casino one day.

BC.Game has a pleasant, outgoing approach that makes it very easy to contact the gaming platform and troubleshoot any issues.

There are several ways to contact the casino. First, you may email them at help.bc.game.

If you prefer, you can talk with the website customer care agents via Telegram or Skype.

BC.Game is remarkably social and that is exemplified by several factors. For starters, there is a live chat that is constantly busy.

Then again, you can reach the website on multiple channels, including Discord, Facebook, and Twitter to name a few.

For the purposes of our BC.Game review, we made sure to test every available method and we are happy with the results.

Safe, reliable and secure

Safety and security are two very important factors of the blockchain gaming experience. In fact, they are the crux of any enjoyable online gaming experience.

So, how can you make sure that the gaming site you have picked is safe? The answer is that you have to keep an eye out for a few things.

First, you want to make sure that the website you have picked is safe. That is somewhat easy to verify.

In the case of BC.Game we have some tell-tale marks that make it fairly easy as well. For starters, the website is tested by iTech Labs, a respected name in the gaming industry.

Thanks to iTech Labs rigorous testing benchmarks, we have a confirmation that BC.Game meets the safety and fairness standards we expect from a casino.

Better yet, you will get to enjoy a gaming website that is certified by the Crypto Gambling Foundation as one of the highest honours a blockchain portal can bear.

Another thing we liked about the BC.Game set-up is that the website is committed to responsible gambling practices.

On a purely technical level, blockchain makes it very easy to protect consumers and the nifty 256-bit SSL encryption adds a layer of security.

Quick and easy on mobile

BC.Game is definitely innovative and as such, mobile play is one of the things you will probably be looking forward to.

Well, our BC.Game review put the website to some extensive testing, and we are very happy to say that it all works just fine.

Desktop and mobile users will have a blast, and that is precisely the type of gameplay experience many are looking for.

You don't have to be tied down to a desktop station to enjoy BC.Game. In fact, you can play any of the available games on the go.


BC.Game is focused entirely on the blockchain experience.

While some operators tend to miss things pretty well, between traditional casino gaming and blockchain, BC.Game prefers to dedicate to a more innovative experience.

Even though you will only have a dozen or so games to pick from, they all pack hours of fun.

In fact, we can honestly say that you will never be bored playing BC.Game. The casino makes it possible for you to enjoy some of the best blockchain games.

And, the best news is that there are more in the pipeline. We loved how transparent BC.Game likes to keep things.

There is no need to second-guess the nature of the website, because it's all out there in the open.

Users are always typing away messages in chat and you can always get a hold of the website's staff one way or another.

It's a fun place to be, and our BC.Game review confirms just that.

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Written by David


David is co-founder of CryptoGamblingNews.com, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.

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