Aviatrix changes the game for the crash genre

Aviatrix is a new crash style game that brings together multiple aspects of the crash gaming experience together and ties them neatly with the collectible-urge of non-fungible token fans.

The concept is clean and well-executed, providing players with a new generation of crash games where ownership of your own aircraft or plane is not the only great thing about the game. 

Aviatrix is a straightforward but deeply-layered variation of your typica crash game that will come with some significant benefits to players. We unpick these right now and let you quickly decide why playing Aviatrix may be just the right thing for you if you love crash games.

Aviatrix: Overview and Core Concept

At its core, Aviatrix is no different than other crash games – and then again, it’s vastly superior. The game is essentially a crash title where you place a bet on an object that is going to propel itself through the skies or space.

The bet you place will then be multiplied by a coefficient that is generated the further upwards or onwards your aircraft or plane, as is the case in Aviatrix, soars. The multiplier can be stopped in two ways.

One is by “crashing” which means that you lose your winnings up to the point of the crash. The other one is by using the “cash out” option which allows you to collect your winnings and prepare for the next round. 

Aviatrix emulates this core concept, but it takes it a notch further. The planes you use are actually NFTs, and a non-fungible token means that you have a digital plane that is your own unique property.

It gets even better. You can customize the plane and build your own, acquire better planes, and even sell your creations. While the Aviatrix’s demo is available for free, you will notice that the “build” feature is only available for real money players.

To make things even better, Aviatrix runs real money tournaments that can feature as much as €100,000 in prize money. 

How to Play Aviatrix

While we have covered how to play Aviatrix in detail, here is another refresher of what you need to do to actually get started. We have attached screenshots which will break down the game’s core concept and serve as a quick reference of how to start with the game altogether.

If you are keen to get a little more out of the rules, we recommend referencing to the official game rules which will pretty much offer details that you can figure out intuitively as you play. 

The rules will go in a little more detail about how the multiplier works, for example, but this is fairly easy to figure out just by playing. Either way, the game rules page is definitely constructed to be helpful and worthwhile. 

Aviatrix User Interface

The Aviatrix user interface (UI) is a step up on the traditional gaming interface for such games. It’s pleasantly animated but not unnecessarily so, guaranteeing a lightweight experience for a product that is played by what could be thousands of people simultaneously. 

The gorgeous graphics are a lot of fun, but they are not self-serving. Every design element and aspect of the UI is cleverly conceived to bring actual value to your gameplay. For example, you have two betting fields for your plane. This gives you slightly more control over the gameplay. 

For example, you may choose to bet a smaller amount on one, and a slightly bigger one on the other. This way, if the bigger amount wins, you can still have the other amount running. We will explain cash outs in a moment.

The rest of the UI is cleverly designed to provide you with sufficient information of what is going on. You will see other players running their own planes and crashing in the background. Each plane is on its own timeline meaning that you crash at a different time and independently of others.

Overall, the game is neatly packed into beautiful visuals that add meaningfully to the experience and are definitely a lot of fun. You can quickly check on “Participants,” see what “My Bets” are and join the “Rewards” program we will also talk about individually. The “Build” feature is also pretty cool.

So far as the menu goes, Aviatrix is fully mobile and desktop compatible, and you will have no trouble whatsoever running it on pretty much any type of device. 

Aviatrix Cash Out Features

As explained, there are two “cash out” buttons you can place on a game of Aviatrix. This essentially allows you to enjoy yourself even more. Having two bets in place means that you can win one and then push your other one a little further.

As CryptoGamblingNews was reviewing Aviatrix, we quickly discovered that the game is actually quite interesting when you take advantage of the running bet which is still building up after you cash out a big one.

Of course, luck may turn your way, but we have generally discovered that cashing out a big bet early can give you a little more leeway to push your luck with the smaller bet that is now stacking up a nice modifier.

The two “cash out” features are easy to follow and they both come with an Auto play feature if you want to just let Aviatrix play in the background. We have done some testing on with Auto play and have achieved satisfactory results. 

While we think Auto play is completely impartial, as the entire game is Provably Fair, we still prefer to play ourselves and cash out as we see fit. Still, if you need to pop out quickly, the Auto play feature will suffice.

Aviatrix: Build Your Plane

If you are particular about the way your plane looks, you will be happy to know that real money players have the exciting opportunity to actually create their own aircraft and soar through the skies. 

The feature is only available to real money players and you will definitely have plenty to go on here, picking the body if your plane, wings, and other finishing touches that give it its unique and seductive look.

Players may seek inspiration from other players’ aircraft or start from scratch, forging their own creations instead. There is no pressure to pursue any specific design as the look of the plane is purely cosmetical and it just adds to that nice feeling and satisfaction you get winning with your unique brand.

The “build” feature is really straightforward and simple enough to use, relying on a simple choice of plane parts you wish to use and leverage to push forward your own aircraft. The better your plane looks, though, the better your chances of selling it off on the marketplace later on may be.

Unlocking Planes with Aviatrix

Another thing you can do with Aviatrix is to unlock new planes. Once you reach a specific plane, the game will award you with an extra plane that you can further customize. 

The customization options are a neat addition, and they will make the process of obtaining new planes for unlocking levels, and the overall building process, so much better and more personal. 

The planes you obtain can then be used just like any other aircraft you have in your fleet, but remember – you only get to pilot one. Whether you try to level with the others or just flog them on the market is down to you and is what makes the game so uniquely different from other crash games.

Do You Need NFTs to Get Started?

Aviatrix wants to make sure that the skies are open for every player who loves crash games. The company offers very strong incentives for joining the NFT-driven gameplay, but doesn’t expect it to follow it blindly.

Therefore, Aviatrix will let you play the game even if you don’t want to have your own NFT plane. However, by joining the NFT program, you are entitled to various perks under the “Rewards” option. 

The loyalty mechanisms can be boiled down to the catchphrase the company uses itself, “more flights, more wins.” Loyalty is awarded in game credits and cash, and is based on the progression of the user activity levels.

You get to enjoy daily cashback rewards through pool mechanics and more. NFTs will also allow companies to benefit from the “Unique Operator Branding” options, which means that companies that want to have the product can request in-game advertisement to make the experience more immersive and associative of their specific company.

Aviatrix Leaderboard

The leaderboard is a nice reminder that you are not alone and there is a constant competition to be mindful of when you play. Players are very welcome to reference the leaderboard at their own leisure, especially if they are participating in any of the tournaments.

Aviatrix is in the habit of running €100,000 tournaments, which may be something that appeals to you. In any event, the leaderboard is also a quick reminder to see if someone is doing things so much better than you are. 

Aviatrix Is Safe and Secure 

Aviatrix is a safe and secure game that will enable you to enjoy yourself while exploring the crash mechanic in a brand new way. You can manually verify the payouts by using the unique seed and has keys and see that the outcomes of your gameplay are unmanipulated. This is just one of the other great things about this game that will stick with you and make a lasting impression. Experience crash games like you have never before! 

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Written by David


David is co-founder of CryptoGamblingNews.com, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.