Atari’s token valuation drops 70% days after public sale

Listed on Exchange, the ATRI, as the token is known for short, excited quite a bit of interest with $1 million invested in the gaming giant's new blockchain asset. However, the slip in price is not entirely uncalled for.

For example, the sale went accompanied by some issues that saw stakeholders quickly disillusioned with the promise of a new, genre-defining token.

The first two days of trading were spent dealing with non-crediting of funds, delays of withdrawals that took almost two work days and some challenges with ordering the asset. All of these have attracted the ire of the ever-vigilant Twitter blockchain community, but Atari was very slow to respond.

In fact, the company didn't bother sharing much back during these two first hours. That is not to say that the Atari Token doesn't have potential, though, nor that the public sale was a complete flop. It certainly is a bit dispiriting to see the ATRI lose its value so quickly, but this may be a temporary hiccup while Atari are trying to figure out a way forward.

In the meantime the company is still pressing on with plans to tie the ATRI to upcoming decentralized games. On November 2, Atari confirmed that Karma the Game of Destiny will feature the ATRI and enable in-game purchases and transactions.

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Written by Tudor

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