Atari Token joins Arkane Network

Atari will focus on marketing the Atari Token as a suitable currency to be used as part of a gaming ecosystem, and the tie-up with the Arkane Network is a major step to doing so. Developers on the Arkane Network will be able to integrate the Atari Token as a viable payment solution within their gaming environments.

Arkane co-founder and CSO Tim Dierckxsens had this to say in an official press release commenting on the development:

“Atari has always been a pioneer in the video game industry, and it is great to see how they understand blockchain technology’s increasing role in the development of the economic landscape within video games and entertainment.”

Dierckxsens is convinced that the new alliance would help game developers, the gaming community and the Atari brand come closer together, as well as helping embrace blockchain technology. Atari is taking its cue from other established companies, such as Enjin and Forte, but adding its own unique twist.

Atari is in the process of conducting a closed presale of its token with further public sales imminent. In April, had the opportunity to speak to Atari CEO Fred Chesnais who fleshed out details about the company’s decision to join the crypto casino space.

At the time, Mr Chesnais explained that Atari was not new to the casino gaming segment, having previously operated in Africa and continuing to offer real money games in the continent.

Atari expects multi-faceted growth. While nothing has been set in stone, Atari is already looking and operating some sports betting licenses and the company has said it will prioritise the development of hybrid skill and luck games.

The adoption of the Atari Token and seeing it as a mainstream currency within blockchain gaming ecosystems is certainly giving the company the necessary starting point to expand.

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