Atari signs major Litecoin partnership

Atari is signing with the foundation, which is dedicated to promoting the benefits of Litecoin, to help integrate LTC across its own ecosystem. The company also has major plans for how it will be used in conjunction with the Atari Token.

Litecoin will act as an investment vessel, allowing token holders to purchase digital assets, but also remain an available option for players who are frequenting the in-development Atari Casino.

Users will also be able to use Litecoin to purchase the upcoming Atari VCS game console, a PC/console hybrid which has caught the attention of the gaming community.

Charlie Lee, Managing Director at the Litecoin Foundation had this to say at the news:

“It is great to see Litecoin being used in a variety of different ways within the Atari ecosystem, from purchasing the new Atari VCS gaming console to being used as a way to invest in Atari Tokens.

The Litecoin Foundation is excited to see the possibilities a partnership like this can have for not only Litecoin and cryptocurrencies but also the gaming industry and lifelong fans of Atari.”

Meanwhile, Fred Chesnais, Atari’s CEO with whom we held a recent Q&A to clarify on Atari’s future crypto plans, welcomed the developments, stating that Atari was pleased to secure a prominent partner as Litecoin.

He emphasized Atari’s ease-of-use as well as the company’s low transaction costs. Furthermore, he thought Litecoin would be a perfect fit side-by-side Atari’s own products.

The Atari Token is not ready just yet. Officially, the asset will be launching in September 2020, and it will be issued by Atari Chain, Ltd, a Gibraltar based company owned by both ICICB Group and Atari.

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