Anticipation peaks as Season 13 of Photo Finish LIVE begins

Photo Finish LIVE nears 10,000 stables, indicating a growing community

Photo Finish LIVE enthusiasts are gearing up for what promises to be an exhilarating Season 13, with a whirlwind of events and announcements flooding the community. As the season kicks off, anticipation runs high for record-breaking success and frenzied action.

The platform is on the brink of reaching 10,000 stables, signaling a burgeoning community eager to dive into the horse racing madness. With race entry fees hitting an all-time high, the stage is set for a season of unprecedented excitement and competition.

Excitement mounts further as $CROWN, the utility token within the Photo Finish LIVE ecosystem, made its debut on the globally accessible MEXC exchange. This move not only facilitates wider access to $CROWN but also highlights its growth since its inception.

MEXC Exchange, founded in 2018, boasts low fees and high performance, serving over 10 million users across 170 countries with its advanced trading technology, making it an ideal platform for $CROWN's expansion.

This integration marks a significant milestone as Third Time Games continues to extend the token's presence across leading crypto exchanges worldwide.

On another note, adding to the lineup of community events is Kick streamer and Photo Finish LIVE community member Urban's new show, ‘Sundays with Urban'. The show will inject energy into the traditionally slow Photo Finish LIVE Sundays.

Additionally, Monday Mayhem kicked off the week with eight races and a 2,000 $DERBY horse pick subsidy, igniting the competitive spirit among participants.

‘After Dark' is going to take center stage twice a week in Season 13, offering intense wager-heavy nights of action. Participants have the chance to make horse picks and seize their share of $DERBY tokens.

Kick streamer MJ returns with his show ‘Across the Board', delivering insightful analysis and expert commentary on Photo Finish LIVE, providing a balanced mix of entertainment and education.

As the week progresses, anticipation builds for the Third Time Championship and the Harbor Classic, marking this week’s culmination of the season's fervor.

Qualifier races pave the way for seasoned veterans to showcase their prowess and vie for the coveted $DERBY prizes.

In Season 12, Photo Finish LIVE experienced substantial track earnings, exceeding $700,000, demonstrating the platform's increasing prosperity. This brought the cumulative track ownership payments to surpass $3.2 million, underscoring the platform's enduring growth and popularity.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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