TRONbet, the leading TRON-based gambling DApp with more than 4,000 daily users, has begun a major overhaul and rebrand which will see the end of its TRC-20 ANTE token.

The casino has begun swapping ANTE tokens for its new WIN token, at a rate of 1 ANTE to 2,351 WIN.

As part of the switch, all ANTE mining has ended, and unmined ANTE has been burned.

At the same time, holders of LIVE tokens will be airdropped WIN based on a snapshot taken on Saturday.

And the portal has also been rebranded to

ANTE has been delisted from exchanges, including TronTrade, and from now on each platform within the winK ecosystem will have its own token for mining: TRONbet users will mine DICE, Live users will mine LIVE and Poker users will mine RAKE.

The team said the WIN pool will work in a similar manner to the previous ANTE pool. It added that the change is designed to give more back to the user.

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