Trading Update: 24 – 30 June

Published Jun 30, 2020
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The last week has been a challenging one for gambling altcoin traders, with the majority of our tracked tokens seeing minor falls over the period.
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On the back of slumps to bitcoin (-5.2%) and Ethereum (-7%), our tracked gambling altcoins have taken their own hits over the past seven days.

Following a prolonged period of positive results, generally across the board, betting tokens and their market caps have mostly fallen this week, although none at an alarming degree.

Many gambling projects will be looking at competitors to see if their drops are relative to others in the sector, and on the whole, there are no outliers in the higher cap tokens. Zero-margin casino Edgeless though, has been the only token to maintain its position with a 0.4% rise in price.

Another project which won't be overly disheartened will be FunFair Technologies. The blockchain casino supplier, who's brands include CasinoFair and, saw a minor drop in its FUN token price. Saying that, it also almost knocked WINk's WIN token off our top spot with the TRON casino taking a 5.2% hit in the same period.

FunFair announced this week that it has an imminent wallet update incoming, while it will also be looking to integrate the same wallet into third-party dapps in future with the aim of boosting Ethereum dapp adoption.

Wagerr shouldn't be too worried by its short term fall either (-8.9%), with it reporting increasingly steady revenue figures on its blockchain sportsbook of late. With sporting events gradually returning to normal, more positive times lie ahead.

Our tracked tokens will be waiting and hoping for a resurgence in BTC prices in the coming days and weeks. The cryptocurrency has consistently failed to break the $10,000 barrier of late, and those in the industry know that they're in for a significant runway boost for when it does.

  • WINk (WIN)
    • Market Cap: $22,530,854
    • 7-day change: -5.2%
  • FunFair (FUN)
    • Market Cap: $22,229,232
    • 7-day change: -2.9%
  • CasinoCoin (CSC)
    • Market Cap: $21,782,650
    • 7-day change: +3.6%
  • Wagerr (WGR)
    • Market Cap: $5,386,935
    • 7-day change: -8.9%
  • TrueFlip (TFL)
    • Market Cap: $3,066,169
    • 7-day change: -3.6%
  • BetProtocol (BEPRO)
    • Market Cap: $1,491,167
    • 7-day change: -12.4%
  • Edgeless (EDG)
    • Market Cap: $895,246
    • 7-day change: +0.4%
  • BetterBetting (BETR)
    • Market Cap: $163,547
    • 7-day change: -18.1%
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