FunFair looks to affiliates as player acquisition picks up pace

Updated Apr 29, 2020 | Published Mar 28, 2020
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Decentralised casino supplier FunFair Technologies recently showcased its live affiliate tech to the iGB Affiliate conference in London to much fanfare and curiosity. caught up with FunFair last month at the ICE & iGB Affiliate London shows, checking in to see how its innovative affiliate technology was getting on after its first few months of being live, and the ever-improving program looks to have already made a mark on the affiliate space.

Building out an affiliates program was always the next step in FunFair’s evolution and the supplier’s community were delighted to see it go live in the middle of last year. In-keeping with FunFair’s focus on fairness, transparency and speed, this particular program did not go down the easy route but instead stayed true to its core propositions.

Simply put, the FunFair Affiliate program can deliver instant payments to an affiliate, in its proprietary cryptocurrency FUN, on every bet placed by a referred player. This is ground-breaking for an industry which tends to offer monthly, occasionally weekly payments, often heavily biased in the favour of the house’s winnings rather than work in driving traffic.

This simple premise that the affiliate should be rewarded whatever the profit/loss certainly made some waves and caused for an exciting buzz around the FunFair stand during the week.

With cryptocurrency gaining a more concrete position in the mainstream gaming space in recent years, there was certainly more openness by prospective partners looking at getting involved with propositions like FunFair’s.

The company’s consultant affiliate manager Luke Engerer, when interviewed at the show, championed the lack of risk that this program offers affiliates, who are increasingly looking to gain a foothold in the lucrative decentralised betting space.

Likewise, COO Lloyd Purser noted that FunFair is “looking at partners who can drive significant traffic in the markets we’re looking to be involved in”, with the specific mention of Japan as a key target in the coming weeks as its localised offering goes live there.

Running parallel to the affiliate payments program is also a keen search for affiliates looking to become operators and white label managers themselves, as RakeTheRake did with its Crypto Casino brand.

With zero setup cost for a white label and huge first mover market for operators, FunFair is one of the few suppliers that can deliver a premium blockchain casino product now, and the team noted that we’ll likely see more development in this area over the coming weeks, particularly with greater regulatory progression of late.

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FunFair looks to affiliates as player acquisition picks up pace
FunFair looks to affiliates as player acquisition picks up pace
Updated Apr 29, 2020 | Published Mar 28, 2020

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