Five things we learned from the CasinoCoin / Bitrue AMA

Updated Apr 29, 2020 | Published Jan 20, 2020
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Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue hosted an AMA with the CasinoCoin team earlier today. Here’s five things we learned.
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There could be more land-based casino deals in the future

CasinoCoin was initially conceived for the online gaming space. But since its deal with Cammegh, the CasinoCoin team is looking at further opportunities in the land-based sphere.

“We see an opportunity to transform the casino floor in the coming years. Our partnership with Cammegh, where we are connecting roulette wheels to track each and every spin on the blockchain to ensure complete legitimacy, is just the start of this process,” the team said.

CSC liquidity should rise as more use cases go live

Trading liquidity of CSC has increased significantly over the past few months, with $100,000+ of trading per day now the norm. This liquidity should continue to increase as the network sees more activity, particularly in relation to use cases, such as Cammegh and eGaming Fund, go live.

“Liquidity has risen significantly over the past couple of months. We expect this trend to continue, particularly as more use cases go live,” the CasinoCoin Foundation said.

CasinoCoin is a top 100 coin by market cap

At time of writing, CoinMarketCap ranks CasinoCoin as the 233rd most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. But this is the result of the way the site treats various exchange listings. Over at other ranking sites, CasinoCoin’s $35 million market cap makes it a top 100 coin, and the world’s most valuable gambling-related cryptocurrency.

CasinoCoin may not only be for the casino industry

While CasinoCoin is obviously focused on the gambling industry, it isn’t restricting itself to the sector. When asked about applications for CSC in other industries, the team hinted that it was open to the idea.

“Ultimately, our blockchain is suitable for anyone looking to process a large volume of transactions at a low fee. That scalability is appealing to the gaming industry, and that is where our focus remains, but we foresee expanding beyond it in the future.”

CasinoCoin cookie dough is the future

The CasinoCoin team was unequivocal on the big question of the day: baked cookies or cookie dough?

“That has to be cookie dough,” the team responded.

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