Crypto exchange Bitrue on trading gaming altcoins

Updated Jun 12, 2020 | Published May 17, 2019
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Leading digital asset exchange Bitrue recently became the only place to trade the two leading gambling-focused cryptocurrencies by market cap – CasinoCoin’s $CSC and FunFair’s $FUN. caught up with Bitrue to discuss the future of blockchain gaming.
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Bitrue now lists two major gaming coins in $CSC and $FUN. Are you excited by the potential of blockchain to disrupt gaming?

Absolutely. Projects including CasinoCoin and FunFair are doing some very exciting things to bring blockchain technology to the gaming space, and we are thrilled to support their growth via the Bitrue trading platform.

Blockchain technology obviously confers a number of extremely relevant advantages of gaming companies and users across transaction speed, security and transparency. I would expect to see it embraced by more gaming companies over the coming years.

Bitrue is particularly popular with XRP traders. Given that CasinoCoin’s blockchain is based on the XRP ledger, was this a factor in your decision to list it?

XRP users have embraced the Bitrue trading platform, and we are always excited to hear about projects which are leveraging the incredible power of XRP technology. That is how we first heard about CasinoCoin, which has taken the XRP ledger and made some very interesting adjustments so it is better targeted at its particular use case – regulated online gaming.

Given the high level of interest in CasinoCoin from the XRP community, it made sense for us to list CasinoCoin. We try our best to be responsive to our users, and when the demand for a new coin is overwhelming, we look to move quickly to ensure we can meet this demand.

Crypto exchange Bitrue on trading gaming altcoins

Could you tell us a little bit more about the Bitrue platform?

Bitrue was established in 2018 by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We have offices in Singapore and Taiwan, with a team dedicated to building the leading global trading platform. We offer a multi-threaded, high-performance market order matching engine, with an exceptional uptime record, as well as a decentralized structure and anti-DDOS protection system.

We take a different approach to many exchanges. We don’t charge listing fees and only list promising coins which are back by strong teams and communities.

Although we are a relatively new exchange, we are already the go-to platform for XRP traders, and we look forward to growing our community of users around the world.

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