Amouranth faces second Twitch ban within three days

Amouranth expressed frustration on social media platforms, questioning Twitch's policies regarding her bans

Popular streamer Amouranth has once again found herself banned from Twitch, marking the second time in just a few days. This comes as a blow to the streamer who boasts a massive following across multiple platforms.

Amouranth, known for her innovative ways of monetizing her content, including the recent success of her girlfriend AI bot, faced her first ban on Sunday, March 31. However, Twitch swiftly lifted the ban only to impose another one on Tuesday, April 2.

The exact reason behind the bans remains a mystery, even to Amouranth herself. Despite Twitch's recent crackdown on sexually suggestive content, it seems this may not be the cause for her suspensions.

In response to the bans, Amouranth expressed her frustration on X (formerly Twitter), questioning Twitch's policies. She noted that she did not violate any rules regarding sexually suggestive content, alluding to Twitch's new guidelines prohibiting the focus on intimate body parts for extended periods.

During a stream on rival platform, Kick, when informed of her second ban, Amouranth appeared nonchalant, merely remarking on the situation as “weird” and “strange.” She also posted on X that she can be found on Kick.

Amouranth has previously mentioned that being banned can serve as a strategic move for gaining attention, although she maintains she has never intentionally violated Twitch's terms of service.

As of now, the reasons behind her recent ban remain unclear, leaving both Amouranth and her followers puzzled.

Amouranth shocked fans by announcing her move to rival streaming service Kick in June 2023, following in the footsteps of xQc and his $100 million deal with the streaming platform.

During her seventh-anniversary stream on Twitch, she revealed her partnership with Kick, citing the allure of the platform's favorable revenue split. Amouranth's departure, along with other Twitch exits, posed a significant challenge for Twitch last year as it grappled with retaining talent amidst growing competition from Kick's enticing offers.

Later, in November 2023, Amouranth shared that she had significantly boosted her income by striking a non-exclusive deal with Kick. While precise figures were not disclosed, she revealed in an interview that her earnings have doubled since joining Kick.

Criticizing Twitch's ad revenue sharing model and moderation policies, Amouranth commended Kick for its fairer revenue sharing and consistent moderation, indicating a growing shift in streamers' preferences towards alternative platforms like Kick.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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