CasinoCoin AMA reveals TrustTracker ambitions

TrustTracker allows players to validate results of gaming events in almost real time, providing a pioneering solution to trust in online gambling. The product itself recently announced it was first to be used in partnership with 321cryptocasino, and the CasinoCoin-powered technology has revealed more about its project in a recent AMA with the wider CSC community. Here's what we found out:

TrustTracker stated that the CasinoCoin Ledger (CSCL) was “the perfect, and frankly, only ledger” it would use. With it being designed specifically for the igaming space, it viewed the bespoke blockchain as the prime location for its own technology and it has key goals its looking to achieve on it by the end of 2020. These revolve generally around customer acquisition numbers and transactions on the CSCL. Both seem pretty reasonable targets for a start-up, although it could be argued that transactions may be of more importance for now, as proving the technology works is a priority over the harder job of boosting active users.

In a later question about key milestones, the team expanded on these goals further by stating they want to get a fully regulated casino onboard in the next 12 months, to “prove that TrustTracker is for all markets and not just emerging/crypto operators”. It also stated they're hoping to generate a minimum of 1m transactions per 24 hours on the CSCL in the same period.

It's clear that TrustTracker is very ideological when it comes to its wider ambitions. When asked what success looks like, the team responded:

“Ultimately, we want TrustTracker to be the standard that the gaming industry aspires to. Every player should be able to validate every spin, when they want to, and ensure that the operator does not change the result of their winnings. Success would be achieved once we become a household name (in the gaming industry) and our system is implemented across a diverse vertical market.”

The land-based sector is also an area that TrustTracker may explore. Responding to whether the product could be implemented in bricks and mortar casinos, the team noted that they have an idea about how it could be done, and that they're confident it was realistic, but it remains a long term goal, seemingly behind other digital priorities for the moment.

On the sales side, TrustTracker responded to a question on business development strategy by saying that “every online casino is a potential customer for us”, and that the approach is built on educating the operator on the benefits of the technology for the player and for themselves. In the project's early sales' stages, they “undertook a massive DM campaign” and that now is the time to build on the relationships with those who showed a genuine interest in it. An organic growth in awareness is expected moving forward as more customer onboarding occurs.

In terms of the tech itself, TrustTracker made a big deal of its ODV (On Demand Validity) and the fact that the casino can't act dishonestly with gaming event data held securely and immutably on the CasinoCoin ledger. It followed this by saying:

“To date, TrustTracker is the only product on the market that allows a player to validate their bets with the casino, on demand, in near real time.”

Rounding off the AMA, TrustTracker went on to talk about how it needs to form a strategy for approaching regulatory bodies, and it thinks this will come naturally as it acquires real-world use cases. And the last question about possible synergies with other CSCL projects was met with the response that it was certainly possible, specifically naming Crazy8 as a project with similar interests where more work could be done.

CasinoCoin (CSC) recently flew to the top of our gambling altcoin rankings, and with more projects such as TrustTracker coming onboard, it's clear the blockchain is going to be one of the leaders in driving blockchain gaming adoption in the coming months.

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David is co-founder of, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.

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