Bringing affiliates onto the blockchain: Q&A with Blockverse CEO Mario Acevedo

Please could you outline Blockverse and what you are aiming to achieve?

Mario Acevedo: Blockverse provides a network based on pure blockchain that connects affiliates and operators directly. Our network secures data B2B, offers accurate data in real-time, makes it possible to fully customize tracking for both parties and is powered by our own blockchain. Business Intelligence add-ons can be purchased separately and what’s exciting is that our solution makes big data strategies and predictive modelling a reality. Currently this isn’t possible due to the lack of accurate data. Blockverse is here to change that.

The iGaming industry has experienced explosive growth over the last few years and current affiliate platforms were not built for this change. Majority of them are outdated, non-user-friendly and cater mainly to operators.

Our objective is to become the world’s number one affiliate platform for both operators and affiliates in the iGaming industry. It brings collaboration, trust and transparency to the industry, and security and accuracy to the data using the blockchain technology.

Bringing affiliates onto the blockchain: Q&A with Blockverse CEO Mario Acevedo

Could you give us an overview of the Blockverse affiliate platform?

MA: Blockverse directly connects affiliates and operators by using one platform of which both parties are paying customers. Integration is done via API and we give customers full control of the platform. By logging in to their respectively account they can communicate directly, create smart deals (insertion orders), customize tracking, access the partner directory and share brand assets all in one place.

In what ways can blockchain tech transform the affiliate sector within gaming?

MA: Blockchain is useful in industries where there is a lack of trust and transparency between parties. It’s also particularly effective in environments where there is a lot of dependencies on third party services.

This makes a strong case for introducing blockchain to the iGaming industry. How will it disrupt the industry? By making transparency a key component of any process, whether it concerns data, contracts or payments.

In the case of Blockverse, it resolves a number of challenges faced by affiliates and operators today and there is no solution like it on the market. The affiliate platforms today are outdated and not user friendly. They offer paid services mainly to the operators, whom still does not have real-time data and customer service is usually poor based on feedback we’ve received from operators. Communication and setting up deals aren’t done between the two parties on one platform.

The affiliates have at best 60-70% accurate data and depending on the size of their operations we know that some companies have a number of employees who spend countless labour hours on logging into hundreds, sometimes thousands of accounts manually to extract data, which still is not one hundred percent reliable. Blockchain will change this. Our industry is known for its secretive nature, but transparency cannot and should not be optional. Blockchain and Blockverse is the natural next step, with more markets becoming regulated and companies going public.

Do you find traditional, fiat currency operators are open to implementing elements of blockchain tech into their offerings?

MA: The companies that are aware of what blockchain is all about, understand their benefits and are willing to adapt their business models for a innovative and future-proof technology.
Although we are aware of more operators considering this option, I would like to highlight that blockchain is often mistaken for being synonymous with “cryptocurrency”. In fact, we do not use cryptocurrencies to support our tool. We currently use it for data management only.

At what stage of development is Blockverse? What's on the roadmap for 2019?

MA: Our product is live. We are offering affiliates and operators a login to a Blockverse test account to try it out. This has been well received. We currently have a number of companies demoing Blockverse. Our main focus in 2019 is to continue to build relationships with industry peers and grow our Blockverse network/customer base as large as possible. The larger our network, the more value we can add to both parties.

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