Innovative new TRON-based casino has launched an airdrop campaign offering participants the chance to earn up to 15 TAT tokens, valued at around $24, by completing a few simple tasks.

The airdrop, with begins today (July 29) and runs for 60 days, is operated in partnership with leading exchange LATOKEN.

Players can earn 5 TAT for registering their TronLink address, creating a referral link at and posting in SNS account and playing five games. Full details are available at LATOKEN.

Tokens will be sent to eligible participants within 30 days of the end of the event, and act as a casino dividend token, meaning those that freeze them will share in’s profits. recently launched with eye-catching daily lucky draw events and the chance for someone to walk away with an incredible 88,888 TRX prize.

In a full review of the new casino, said: “ is a new generation of TRON casino that is setting a high bar for those that follow.”

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