New TRON-based decentralized casino has pledged to become ‘the future of TRON gambling DApps’ following its launch.

The recently-launched casino has gone live with two games, a classic dice offering and an innovative take on roulette called ‘Marker’.

But the team behind 7Tron has set out an ambitious roadmap with the intention of becoming a leading TRON-based DApp, telling that its aim is to become the future of TRON gambling.

New games, including rocket, poker and slots, are expected to be launched shortly, and the team is also building an ecosystem around its SVN token.

SVN is mined by playing games on 7Tron, initially at a rate of 777 TRX to 1 SVN. The token is limited to a total supply of 100 million, and will entitle holders to a share of 7Tron’s profits in the form of a dividend.

SVN is expected to be listed on exchanges in September, and the team behind 7Tron has said it intends to buyback around 25 percent of the tokens issued.

7Tron has already enjoyed a strong first week, reporting a 7-day volume of more than 60m TRX, paying out TRX dividends of more than 1.2m TRX.

At time of writing, it has already broken into the top 25 TRON-based DApps, according to data from DappRadar.

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