7-DAY DAPP UPDATE: Waxcasino leads and Azuro emerges

Waxcasino is holding the top spot on DappRadar for the third consecutive week

Waxcasino holds the top spot as we once again take a closer look at DappRadar’s top gambling dapps ranking over the past seven days ending March 14. This week's analysis focuses on scrutinizing movements, trends, and noteworthy developments.

Waxcasino maintains its dominance

At the forefront of DappRadar's top gambling dapps stands Waxcasino, firmly securing its position as the most accessed platform by unique active wallets (UAWs). With an impressive UAW count of 20,670, Waxcasino is leading the pack for the third week in a row, demonstrating its enduring appeal to users.

Notably, Waxcasino witnessed a surge in activity on March 9, peaking at 15,120 UAWs, coinciding with a milestone in the cryptocurrency market as Bitcoin surged to $70,000.

However, despite Bitcoin's continued ascent, Waxcasino experienced a decline in UAWs towards the end of the 7-day period, signaling potential fluctuations in user engagement.

Trade signal: blending crypto trades with gaming

Ranked second on the list, Trade signal stands out for its unique proposition, blending cryptocurrency trade signals with gambling games to offer users a comprehensive platform for both market analysis and entertainment.

While experiencing fluctuations in volume throughout the week, Trade signal saw a notable surge in activity on March 11, aligning with a peak in Bitcoin's price at $72,000.

Despite this peak, Trade signal encountered a dip in UAWs and transactions towards the close of the period, reflecting the inherent volatility in both cryptocurrency markets and dapps user engagement.

Websport.io and Shell Games Maintain Stability

Amidst the top contenders, Websport.io and Shell Games showcased relatively stable performance over the past seven days, with minimal fluctuations in UAWs, transactions, and volume.

Websport.io, which is currently running a presale, holds the potential for wider adoption in the future, which could influence its placing in the gambling dapp ranking.

Similarly, Shell Games demonstrated improvement compared to the previous period, experiencing a 23.2% increase in UAWs throughout the week, propelling it up one spot in the rankings.

Solcasino.io's surprising shift

Despite its global appeal, substantial user base and considerable fiat value volume, Solcasino.io witnessed a shift in its ranking, dropping to the fifth spot and ending up where it was on February 29.

Notably, Solcasino.io introduced updates to its platform, including expanded payment options, aimed at enhancing user accessibility and convenience. While these updates have yet to impact its ranking, they could potentially yield implications in the coming weeks.

Beyond the Top 5

Beyond the top 5, a deeper dive into the top 10 gambling dapps reveals a diverse landscape of platforms vying for user attention and engagement. In comparison to last week’s ranking, CricSage and TTCasino maintained their positions at sixth and seventh, respectively, demonstrating consistent performance.

CricSage is a platform for trading ‘Yes' or ‘No' NFTs based on cricket events, offering skill-based competitions, while TTCasino is a leading crypto casino on ThunderCore, offering over 3,000 games, including a sportsbook and PvP Poker.

PRDT, which is a decentralized cross-chain prediction platform enabling instant binary options trading on BSC, ETH & Polygon Network, and Goal3, a decentralized, community-owned sportsbook, were also present in the top 10. They experienced slight shifts in their rankings compared to last week, reflecting the dynamic nature of the dapp ecosystem.

Introducing Azuro: a newcomer entering the top 10

A notable addition to the top 10 is Azuro, entering directly at the eighth spot with UAWs at 1,050. Leveraging Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Polygon chains, Azuro pioneers decentralized prediction markets, offering users a comprehensive feature set and intuitive interface.

With its unique Liquidity Tree concept, Azuro presents an alternative to conventional prediction platforms, further enriching the gambling dapp landscape.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

Silvia has explored various forms of writing, ranging from content creation for social media to crafting movie scripts. Drawing on her experience as a journalist specializing in the gambling sector, she is currently investigating the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain on traditional gambling and iGaming.

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