7-Day Dapp Update: Waxcasino firmly holds the top spot

While the rankings remained relatively consistent, there have been some notable changes in metrics and user activity.

There has been minimal change in the rankings of gambling dapps on DappRadar over the past seven days, despite it being an eventful week in crypto overall.

The top five projects have retained their positions, with minor fluctuations in their standings. Let's examine the top gambling dapps for the seven-day period ending on March 7, analyzing any noteworthy shifts in rankings and metrics compared to the previous week's analysis.

1. Waxcasino: peaks, declines, and continued dominance

Waxcasino has maintained its leading position in the DappRadar gambling dapps ranking with unique active wallets (UAWs) totaling 19,480, albeit with a marginal overall decline in the rest of its metrics. The platform's user base remained relatively stable, with fluctuations in transaction volumes.

Waxcasino witnessed two significant peaks in activity during the week. On March 2, metrics soared with UAWs hitting 11,960, transactions reaching 60,570, and volume peaking at $22,120. 

Another peak occurred on March 5, with UAWs at 12,690, transactions totaling 63,390, and volume hitting $22,770. 

However, on March 6, all metrics declined, with UAWs dropping to a mere 596, transactions at 2,940, and volume decreasing to $1,560. 

Waxcasino's continued dominance in the ranking signifies its appeal to users across the multiple chains it operates on, offering diverse gaming options and fostering a vibrant community.

2. Trade signal: surging UAWs signal growth amid transaction challenges

Trade signal surged to the second spot, showcasing an increase in UAWs by 73.66% over the last seven days with the number reaching 13,670. In contrast, the project's UAWs in the preceding seven-day period totaled 7,500.

Despite this surge in user activity, the platform encountered challenges in sustaining transaction volume, highlighting potential areas for improvement in user engagement strategies. 

However, Trade signal's unique proposition, combining crypto trade signals with gambling games, continues to attract users seeking a comprehensive platform for market analysis and entertainment.

3. Websport.io: holding strong in the top 5 despite metrics dip

Websport.io dropped down one spot to the third position with total UAWs at 6,970, experiencing a gradual decline in metrics over the last seven days. Despite this, the platform maintained its presence in the top five, leveraging chains such as BNB Chain, Optimism, and Arbitrum to offer users a unique sports betting experience. 

Notably, the dapp’s overall transaction volume for the seven-day period stands at $7.3 million. Therefore, despite the temporary decline we anticipate continued prominence for Websport.io, given its strong popularity and consistent ability to attract substantial fiat value volume from UAWs.

4. Solcasino.io: rising through the ranks with consistent growth

Solana crypto casino Solcasino.io climbed one spot to fourth position this week, demonstrating steady growth in metrics over the last seven days. With a user base increase of 16.7% to 3,630 UAWs and a balance of $1.75 million, Solcasino.io continues to attract users with its diverse range of gaming options on the Solana network. 

The metrics of the platform remained relatively stable throughout the week, with no significant fluctuations observed. However, it is important to highlight that its balance, representing the total fiat value of assets in its smart contracts, experienced a decline of 22.84% over the past seven days.

5. Shell Games: peaks, plummets, and perplexing persistence

Shell Games dropped in the ranking this week with only 3,330 UAWs and a volume of $2,600. While its metrics remained relatively stable in the initial days of the seven-day period, the dapp experienced a significant surge on March 4, with UAW reaching 629, transactions totaling 647, and a volume of $817.27. 

However, all its metrics plummeted on March 6, dropping to a mere 3 UAWs, 16 transactions, and a volume of only $12.78. Surprisingly, Shell Games retained its spot in the top five, considering its overall metrics are significantly lower compared to the other dapps in the ranking.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

Silvia has explored various forms of writing, ranging from content creation for social media to crafting movie scripts. Drawing on her experience as a journalist specializing in the gambling sector, she is currently investigating the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain on traditional gambling and iGaming.

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