7-DAY DAPP UPDATE: Waxcasino dominates, newcomer enters the top 10

Websport.io disappeared from the DappRadar gambling dapps ranking, freeing up space for other projects

The latest data from DappRadar‘s gambling dapps ranking for the seven-day period ending on March 20, 2024, reveals intriguing movements and developments within the decentralized application ecosystem. The top two positions were held by Waxcasino and Trade signal again, while the absence of Websport.io created an opening in the top five. This allowed a newcomer, CricSage, to secure a spot in the ranking.

Waxcasino continues its reign at the top

For the fourth consecutive week, Waxcasino maintained its position as the leading gambling dapp in the DappRadar ranking. Despite daily fluctuations, Waxcasino retained its top spot with 17,150 unique active wallets (UAWs) over the entire period, marking a slight decline of 17%.

Waxcasino experienced its peak performance on March 16, attracting 13,650 UAWs, facilitating 68,310 transactions, and recording a volume of $24,060. Conversely, March 15 marked the lowest point for Waxcasino, with UAWs plummeting to 15, transactions dropping to 30, and volume dwindling to $1,960.

Notably, Waxcasino supports multiple chains, including WAX and ThunderCore, and features over 3000 games, live casino options, slots, and sportsbook offerings.

Trade signal holds strong in second place

In the second position for the third consecutive week was Trade signal, showcasing resilience despite a 28.9% decrease in UAWs at 5,500.

Trade signal offers a unique blend of crypto trade signals and gambling games, providing users with both market analysis and entertainment.

While its volume of $4,560 remains modest compared to the $67,840 of Waxcasino and the impressive $2.7 million of Solcasino.io, its consistent presence in the top five suggests a loyal user base.

Solcasino.io surges ahead to third place while Shell Games remains fourth

A notable shift occurred with Solcasino.io climbing from fifth to third place, displacing Websport.io, which vanished from the ranking entirely.

Although DappRadar displays a notification indicating the disabled webpage of the Websport.io dapp, we conducted a check and found that Websport.io remains accessible as usual.

Solcasino.io's UAWs experienced a commendable 7% surge, reaching 4,210 for the week. This platform distinguishes itself with a substantial volume of $2.7 million, showcasing significant traction within the decentralized gambling landscape.

At the same time, Shell Games maintained its fourth position, offering dice gambling with a low house edge of 1% and providing users perpetual access to unlimited lottery opportunities.

Despite a slight decrease in UAWs, transactions, and volume on March 20, Shell Games maintained a steady presence in the top rankings.

CricSage enters the top five

The newcomer to the top five is CricSage, which surged from sixth to fifth place, seizing the opportunity as Websport.io exited the ranking. While experiencing fluctuations in UAWs throughout the week, CricSage's overall performance saw a 6% decline.

The platform focuses on trading ‘Yes' or ‘No' NFTs based on cricket events, offering skill-based competitions to users.

Beyond the top five: MetaWin's remarkable ascent

Beyond the top five, there were noteworthy movements within the rankings. TTCasino climbed to sixth place, while Azuro and PRDT maintained their positions. Goal3 surged to seventh place despite a decline in UAWs of 10.4%.

Notably, MetaWin entered the top ten, showcasing a 4% increase in UAWs. MetaWin saw its peak performance on March 15, with UAWs reaching 397 and transactions totaling 884.

However, on March 20, MetaWin experienced a significant decline, with both UAWs and transactions dropping to zero. Despite fluctuations, the platform still attracts users within the decentralized gambling ecosystem.

MetaWin operates as an online gambling platform running on the Ethereum network, offering a variety of classic casino games, instant-win competitions, and NFT collectibles.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

Silvia has explored various forms of writing, ranging from content creation for social media to crafting movie scripts. Drawing on her experience as a journalist specializing in the gambling sector, she is currently investigating the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain on traditional gambling and iGaming.

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