7-DAY DAPP UPDATE: Top five consistency prevails

Despite holding 2nd place in the 7-day ranking, Trade Signal emerged as the leader in the 30-day ranking

The top five gambling dapps on DappRadar for the week displayed remarkable consistency compared to the previous week's rankings. There was no change whatsoever in the positioning of the dapp projects in the top five.

Consistency in the top 5 over the week

Blockchain-based dapps continue to captivate users, with DappRadar providing invaluable insights into their performance over the last seven days, ending March 27, 2024.

Waxcasino maintained its leading position for the fifth consecutive week, solidifying its status as a dominant force in the decentralized gambling landscape. Meanwhile, Trade signal held steady in the second spot for the fourth week in a row, demonstrating resilience.

Trade signal holds ground amidst UAW dip

Waxcasino continued to assert its dominance as the top gambling dapp, supporting multiple chains including WAX and ThunderCore. With an extensive library of more than 3000 games, live casino options, slots, and sportsbook offerings, Waxcasino experienced a notable surge in unique active wallets (UAWs), witnessing a 10.23% increase to reach 18,900 users over the past seven days.

Meanwhile, despite a slight decline in UAWs by 23.2%, Trade signal maintained its position as a prominent player in the ranking. Its unique proposition of offering crypto trade signals alongside gambling games continues to resonate with users, contributing to its consistent presence in the top five.

Additionally, CricSage showcased growth in UAWs with an increase of 11.53%. Solcasino.io also retained its position with a marginal decrease in UAWs by 1.47%, while Shell Games observed a slight increase in user engagement by 0.27%.

Insights into 30-day performance: Trade signal leads

Zooming out to analyze the performance of these gambling dapps over the past 30 days unveils intriguing insights.

Trade Signal emerged as the top performer during this period, showcasing remarkable resilience despite its comparatively modest volume.

For instance, during the 30-day period ending on March 27, Trade Signal's total volume, representing the fiat value of incoming transfers from UAWs, amounted to $32,890. In contrast, Waxcasino and Solcasino.io recorded volumes of $300,730 and nearly $11m, respectively.

Nevertheless, following a peak on March 2, during which Trade signal’s UAWs reached 5,440 and transactions totaled 6,000, coinciding with Bitcoin breaking through the $60,000 barrier, the project underwent a general decline over the past 30 days, dwindling to 948 UAWs by March 27.

Waxcasino, despite its consistent weekly performance, relinquished its leading position in the 30-day ranking.

Although the number of UAWs remained relatively constant compared to 30 days ago, the project encountered significant fluctuations throughout the entire period. These fluctuations prevented the project from maintaining its top position in the rankings over the last 30 days.

From fluctuations to consistency: Shell Games, CricSage, and Solcasino.io

Shell Games' UAWs remained relatively steady around 620-630 over the past month, except for notable drops to three and 20 on March 6 and March 27, respectively.

CricSage experienced significant fluctuations, dropping to as low as two to three UAWs, but managed to climb to fifth place last week due to the absence of Websport.io from the rankings.

Solcasino.io maintained its fifth position with a 5.2% increase in UAWs over the last month, showing consistent user engagement without major fluctuations.

Beyond the top five

In the rankings for the last 30 days, positions six to 10 mirrored the seven-day rankings, with one exception: Macaw entered at the tenth spot, rising from twelfth in the weekly ranking.

Macaw's recent performance suggests a potential climb into the top 10. Leveraging TelosEVM, Core, and Linea smart contracts, Macaw offers a decentralized mobile-first prediction market, and features games such as Coin Flip, RockPaper and Roulette.

TTCasino, MetaWin, Azuro, and Goal3 maintained their top 10 positions from the previous week. Notably absent was PRDT, which held the eight spot in the seven-day ranking, while dropped to number 13 in the 30-day ranking.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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