7-DAY DAPP UPDATE: Solcasino.io’s bid for the top fails

For the seventh consecutive week, Waxcasino maintained its top position, while Solcasino.io fell to the third spot

Solcasino.io's endeavor to claim the top spot in the latest gambling dapps ranking from DappRadar has fallen short. Notably, Solcasino.io experienced a decline in performance despite its previous ascent in the rankings.

At the same time, Waxcasino maintained its reign as the leading contender for the seventh consecutive week. Let's delve deeper into the insights and implications of the latest seven-day period ending on April 11, 2024, , including the emergence of promising new players.

Waxcasino: a reign unbroken

Yet again at the forefront of the pack of gambling dapps stands Waxcasino, maintaining its stronghold as the top contender for the seventh consecutive week. Despite encountering fluctuations, Waxcasino has sustained steady growth, witnessing a notable 7.9% increase in Unique Active Wallets (UAWs), totaling 21,870.

Noteworthy is Waxcasino's peak performance on April 9, boasting a staggering 16,320 UAWs and facilitating a remarkable 81,700 transactions. However, intermittent downturns have been observed, exemplified by a dip in UAWs to a mere 11 on April 8.

Solcasino.io fails to dethrone Waxcasino

In a noteworthy development, Solcasino.io, after briefly occupying the second spot, slipped back to third place. In preceding weeks, Solcasino.io had gradually climbed the ranks, progressing from the fifth position on March 14 to the second position by April 4. However, the latest data for Solcasino.io indicates a decline in its performance.

The dapp encountered a concerning decline, with UAWs plummeting by 23.5% and volume shrinking by 30.5%. Delays in Solana network withdrawals likely contributed to user frustrations, impacting Solcasino.io's activity levels.

In prior weeks, Solcasino.io maintained consistent levels of UAWs and transactions over the course of the seven-day period. However, the current week saw fluctuations in the dapp's day-to-day performance.

Despite boasting an established reputation and a substantial volume of almost $2m, Solcasino.io faced challenges in sustaining its momentum amidst evolving market conditions.

Trade signal and CricSage: ascending the ranks

Notable mentions in the ranking include Trade signal and CricSage, both ascending one spot each in the hierarchy to second and fourth respectively.

Trade signal, operating on the BNB Chain, demonstrated a commendable 6.6% rise in UAWs, reaching 4,340, accompanied by a substantial 45.8% surge in volume. In comparison, in last week’s ranking Trade signal volume was at $3230.

Similarly, CricSage witnessed a remarkable 44.7% increase in UAWs, reaching 3,590.

Despite encountering fluctuations, both dapps displayed promising growth trajectories.

Shell Games: a downturn in fortunes

Shell Games witnessed a decline in fortunes, sliding to the fifth position in the ranking. With a 20.8% decrease in UAWs and a 33.5% dip in volume, the dapp faced challenges in maintaining its users’ activity. While its weekly performance remained relatively stable, with UAWs hovering around 630, a notable decline was observed on April 9, signaling potential concerns for the future.

Beyond the Top 5: shifting dynamics and emerging players

Beyond the top five contenders, the ranking witnessed minor shifts, with projects like PRDT and Azuro exchanging positions and TTCasino, Goal3 and MetaWin maintaining their spots from the previous week.

Conversely, Macaw experienced a significant decline, dropping from the eleventh to the twenty-sixth spot.

Notwithstanding, OwlDAO showcased promise, securing the eleventh position despite a slight decline in UAWs. As the driving force behind Waxcasino, OwlDAO leverages its expertise to offer innovative solutions, positioning itself as a key player in the competitive dapp ecosystem.

Despite experiencing a slight decline in UAWs this week, OwlDAO demonstrated significant promise by securing the eleventh position, up from twelfth last week.

As the driving force behind Waxcasino, OwlDAO showcases its prowess by leveraging its expertise to offer innovative solutions within the dapp ecosystem. Founded in 2021, OwlDAO facilitates the development of defi gaming suites for various projects, boasting over 3000 licensed casino games.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

Silvia has explored various forms of writing, ranging from content creation for social media to crafting movie scripts. Drawing on her experience as a journalist specializing in the gambling sector, she is currently investigating the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain on traditional gambling and iGaming.

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