7-DAY DAPP UPDATE: Shell Games’ fall from grace changes dapp rankings

TTCasino's ascent to the fifth position this week was made possible by Shell Games' dramatic decline in the DappRadar ranking

Shell Games' meteoric drop in the DappRadar top gambling dapps ranking for the week ending on April 18, caused some shifts in the top five with TTCasino finally entering at fifth place in the ranking based on unique active wallets (UAWs) over the past seven days. Let's delve into the data to discern trends and noteworthy developments among the top five contenders.

Waxcasino: eight weeks at the top

Waxcasino maintained its undisputed reign at the helm for the eighth consecutive week, showcasing resilience against competitors' endeavors. With a steady UAW count of 21,870, Waxcasino stands as an enduring powerhouse in the DappRadar hierarchy.

Despite fluctuations in performance throughout the week, Waxcasino witnessed a notable 11.2% increase in volume, reaching $57,740.

Waxcasino experienced its peak performance on April 14, with UAWs reaching 15,890 and transactions soaring to 79,500. Conversely, its lowest point occurred on April 11, with UAWs plummeting to a mere 10 and transactions remaining at 13.

From top contender to obscurity: Shell Games' demise

Meanwhile, Shell Games, a former top five contender, witnessed a drastic plummet to the 93rd position. A staggering 99.9% decrease in UAWs, down to a mere two, comprised its demise. According to DappRadar stats, the dapp has been inactive since April 13 with UAWs, transactions and volume at zero.

This downfall paved the way for TTCasino to secure the fifth spot, marking a significant milestone for the Thunder Core network-based platform.

TTCasino's ascent to the top five signifies its persistent pursuit of excellence. It has been making efforts to break into the top five for some time now, maintaining the sixth position since March 21. Prior to that, it occupied the seventh spot in the preceding weeks.

While maintaining a consistent UAW count of 1,730, TTCasino's transactional activities exhibited notable fluctuations, underscoring dynamic user engagement.

Boasting over 3,000 games from renowned providers, TTCasino positions itself as a leading crypto casino, offering diverse gaming experiences.

From fourth to second: CricSage's stellar performance

CricSage emerged as a standout performer this week, surging from the fourth to the second position. With a remarkable 36.1% increase in UAWs, reaching 4,980, CricSage's cricket-centric platform captivated bat-and-ball sport enthusiasts. Despite minor fluctuations, its performance remained robust, reflecting sustained user interest.

Conversely, Trade Signal experienced a significant decline, slipping from second to fourth place. A 27% decrease in UAWs, down to 2,970, coupled with a 9.6% decline in volume, reflected a challenging week for the platform. However, intermittent spikes in activity hinted at potential resilience amidst market fluctuations.

Solcasino.io retained its third position, showcasing steady growth with a 7.1% increase in UAWs, reaching 3,860. As the premier crypto casino on the Solana network, Solcasino.io continues to attract users with its diverse offerings and consistent performance.

Beyond the top 5: Shell Games instigates positional shifts

Beyond the top five, shifts in rankings highlighted the dynamic nature of the dapp ecosystem. OwlDAO's entry into the top 10 at the tenth position, despite a slight decline in UAWs by 4.9% to 449, underscored its growing potential. However, its ascent into the top 10 can primarily be credited to the absence of Shell Games.

Furthermore, the demise of Shell Games facilitated Azuro's rise to the sixth position, PRDT's advancement to the seventh position, and MetaWin's attainment of the ninth spot.

However, amid this success, the decline of certain dapps like Macaw reflected the competitive challenges within the space. Dropping from the 26th to the 52nd position, Macaw's dwindling presence underscored the volatile nature of the market and the importance of sustained innovation and user engagement.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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