7-Day Dapp Update: CricSage is back in at four

The seven-day dapp update this week sees CricSage climb into fourth position, while JuicyBet holds tight at fifth.

This week’s dapp update remains fairly consistent at the top of the table, much like last week. However, according to DappRadar, CricSage has replaced PRDT at fourth with JuicyBet remaining in fifth position.

The number of unique active wallets (UAW) has risen by 2,150% at CricSage this week.


The cricket-based opinion trading platform started the week with 201 UAW and 205 transactions, but peaked on Monday with 261 UAW and 265 transactions, ahead of Wednesday’s rained-off England v Pakistan match at Headingly.

Across the week, CricSage saw 1,120 UAW and 1,130 transactions, which was up 1285.36% on the previous seven days.

PRDT sinks to sixth

Meanwhile, JuicyBet stayed in fifth position, peaking with volume of $302,800 on Sunday, alongside 391 UAW and 1,570 transactions. Across the week, the dapp saw UAW rise 30.09% compared to the previous seven days, while transactions were up 3.18% to 844 and volume rose 237.62% to $184,140.

Due to CricSage’s rise, PRDT was relegated to sixth position. The dapp – another prediction platform – saw UAW climb marginally by 1.74% to 992 compared to the previous seven days, while transactions dropped by 2.67% to 12,420 and volume rose slightly, by 2.06%, to $1.56m.

Top of the rankings

Unsurprisingly, Waxcasino, Solcasino and and TTcasino remained in the top three slots respectively.

Waxcasino saw UAW rise by 21.44% across the week to 18,820, while transactions fell 17.29% to 107,350 and volume dropped by 19.17% to $33,320.

Solcasino saw all metrics rise compared to the previous seven days, with UAW up 8.19% to 3,560, transactions up 4.88% to 14,270 and volume up 3.83% to $2.67m.

Conversely, TTCasino didn’t see much in the way of growth on the previous seven days. UAW was flat at 1,700, transactions were down by 58.65% to 68,250 and volume was down 50.94% to $40,950.

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