has looked into the five best performing gambling altcoins of the year to date, with CasinoCoin and DAO.Casino leading the pack with some major market cap gains.

It’s fair to say gambling altcoins and projects are well out of their infancy, approaching the end of their start-up phase and a significant way along in becoming a mature sector of the wider crypto and blockchain market. But as with all things in crypto, this doesn’t always translate to token price and market capitalisation.

For some, 2019 has seen major gains from the leading blockchain and crypto-gambling projects, with many of those not yet live, going live, others making invaluable improvements to their platforms and to gaming experiences for the end user, and partnership building and impressive hires are becoming commonplace.

With greater maturity and ongoing development comes the potential for crypto-traders and gaming altcoin holders to profit from the market fluctuations and has had a look at the five best performing gambling altcoins in 2019 and the reasons why they’ve been successful.

The Top 5

So, based on our research, the best performing gambling altcoins of 2019 to date are as follows:


January 1 market cap: $9.5 million

July 24 market cap: $21.1 million

2019 percentage gain: 225 percent

CasinoCoin, designed specifically for the regulated online industry, has seen a stellar 2019 to date, returning CSC holders 225% since the start of the year, with a healthy market cap rising from circa $9.5m to beyond $21m in that time.

It’s bounced impressively after an early year flatline, with market cap growth of more than $30m in April alone. It has since tailed off but those early investors will still be sitting pretty.

Key milestones for the project this year have been the appointment of Richard Cammegh to its advisory board back in Q2 which provided access to the land-based arena. This was quickly followed by the launch of the Cammegh Token on the CasinoCoin blockchain.

Allowing for custom tokens such as Cammegh and GAME.FUND will allow for “gaming operators and suppliers to enjoy the benefits of the CasinoCoin blockchain while maintaining control of their brand and own token ecosystem.”

With the ongoing comparative advantages of running on its own XRP-based blockchain over say, Bitcoin or Ethereum, CSC enjoys far superior transactions per second and negligible transaction fees. This, along with intelligent appointments, additional partnerships and one of the most engaged communities in the space, should allow its success to continue in both project and price.


January 1 market cap: $1.4 million

July 24 market cap: $2.8 million

2019 percentage gain: 200 percent

Second to CasinoCoin in terms of market cap growth since the beginning of the year is DAO.Casino, the automated platform that aims to build the “Gambling 3.0 industry regulated by technology”, delivering streamlined access for game developers and casino operators to the blockchain sector.

With a market cap of $1.4m eight months ago, DAO.Casino now sits at $2.8m, doubling BET holders pots in that time.

BET has seen significant fluctuation throughout the period, as is commonplace across the majority of altcoins, but it demonstrated a gradual and positive trend since March, which coincided with its move away from Ethereum to an EOS-based blockchain.

With the continued popularity of EOS betting, and the fact that, in an exclusive interview with, its CMO Dmitry Belianin has pointed to many of its features going live by the close of this year, it would be no surprise to see DAO.Casino stay in this top five later in 2019.


January 1 market cap: $2.3 million

July 24 market cap: $4.2 million

2019 percentage gain: 180 percent

Another project that would have almost doubled investors holdings since 1st January 2019 is the Ethereum smart contract-based, Dice-led casino offering, Etheroll.

Having launched in the middle of 2017, Etheroll’s DICE token failed to maintain its initial momentum but has since rebounded with a hugely positive 2019. At $2.3m market cap on year start, DICE now sits 80% higher at $4.2m.

The crypto-casino classic Dice game has cemented its position in the face of some more complex, often slower blockchain casino offerings due to its straightforward nature, provable fairness and minor house edge, allowing players to play quick and win big. It’s clear there’s a demographic for these kinds of instant win games and Etheroll, it would appear is offering one of the better ones out there.


January 1 market cap: $5.2 million

July 24 market cap: $8.8 million

2019 percentage gain: 169 percent

Quanta, the world’s first fully licensed blockchain lottery company, has ridden through its own mid-year dip to build on its year-start market cap by 69%. Rising from $5.2m to today’s $8.8m puts Quanta up there in the bigger capitalisations of gambling altcoins.

Its utility token, QNTU, is ready for players to use now at its MyQuanta lottery product which has the headstart over many in the space of having Isle of Man Gambling Supervising Commission licensure. With so many in the sector struggling for similar recognition by regulatory bodies, Quanta’s job now is surely to ramp up its marketing to those territories that many of its competitors, both in lottery and other verticals, can’t currently target.


January 1 market cap: $0.9 million

July 24 market cap: $1.3 million

2019 percentage gain: 140 percent

Taking the final spot on our best performing gambling altcoins list is TrueFlip and its ERC-20 token TFL which has seen a market cap rise of $400k on top of its year start $0.9m. 

TFL owners HODLing over the first four months of the year will have been rewarded handsomely after a major spike in May which jumped its total value to over $3m for a brief time, and although this has since tailed away, a 40% return over the year is very respectable in such a turbulent space.

Currently hosting six blockchain-based titles of its own, over 800 partner slots, cards and roulette titles, numerous payment options and a recently launched B2B arm, TrueFlip is certainly one of the more varied projects out there.

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