13,000 South Korean ATMS to offer TRON

The news is reassuring as it means that the TRX network will get a chance to expand further and come closer to a status of mainstream currency. With big fluctuations in the price of most cryptocurrencies, accepting those assets as a dependable value rather than an investment vessel has been difficult.

However, integrating TRX could actually be smart. For example, tourists who want to bring in a lot of cash and avoid fees can now do so using TRX and just withdraw their money at an ATM. Jae Do Cho, Chairman at MeconCash, has expressed his satisfaction at seeing the TRON Foundation become an official partner of his company.

This is the first ambitious move of such scale, which will give TRX and JST an immense boost and add a good number of ATMs to the global total, with the teller system for crypto growing rapidly of late. In fact, the number of bitcoin ATMs worldwide is around 8,000 with a recent surge in the last year.

Now, with MeconCash's help, TRON will outpace that number significantly. TRON is also a common currency in the igaming world. Multiple esteemed crypto casinos support, or are entirely based, on cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions which also pay out winnings in TRX.

Players are welcome to join and benefit from the streamlined experience at any of the best crypto operators, including Bitcasino.io and FortuneJack, which are market leaders with an established footprint.

Another project, WINk, has been going through some convulsions, but might still be a worthwhile choice of gaming venue for TRX users.

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Written by Tudor

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