FunFair-powered casinos have enjoyed a massive upsurge in activity, with almost 100 million FUN tokens – around $285,000 – wagered in a 72-hour period.

According to data from, between July 29 – July 31, a total of 93,967,099 FUN was wagered across FunFair-powered casinos and

The dramatic increase in the amount of FUN being gambled appears to be the result of a handful of so-called whales betting large volumes on the platform.

FunFair-powered casinos are averaging between 15 and 25 players per day, with the team hoping to significantly boost that number over the coming months with improvements to the onboarding process.

Since FunFair went live, more than 650 million FUN tokens have been bet in total, equivalent to almost $2 million at current prices. launched as the first external third-party FunFair casino in June.

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