0xCocobets launches new betting game Degen Horse Racing

0xCocobets also announced it has allocated $31,583 for distribution among token holders

DeFi Casino 0xCocobets has unveiled its latest venture, Degen Horse Racing. The platform presents a diverse array of horse contenders for avid bettors to choose from, including names like Milkyway, Vipers, GCR, ARA, Charlotte, SBF, Justin Sun, and Spymilk.

The game is now live, offering enthusiasts the chance to test their luck and skills. The launch occurred on August 5 and has garnered significant attention.

Furthermore, in a move to engage and reward its user base, 0xCocobets has revealed a noteworthy revenue-sharing initiative. The company has allocated a sum of $31,583 to be distributed among its token holders as part of a revenue share split. This strategic decision underscores Cocobets' commitment to involving its community in its successes.

Additionally, the platform is set to launch its inaugural lottery, adding an extra layer of anticipation and excitement for users. 

0xCocobets announced its revenue-sharing initiative last week with crypto holders of $COCO receiving passive income from 0xCocobets. To qualify, holders need a minimum of 50,000 $COCO tokens in their web3 wallet, otherwise, they enter a lottery.

The casino's team announced that eligible token holders could claim $16,341 for the first week of August, alongside the introduction of new multiplayer games.

At the end of July, 0xCocobets casino emerged as a dynamic player in the crypto gambling market, amassing a remarkable $36m transaction volume within 12 hours of its Ethereum blockchain launch. Its native token, COCO, surged over 1200% post-listing. 

The casino's diverse game offerings, including NFT-inspired slots and classic table games, along with its transparent and secure gameplay mechanisms, have garnered significant attention, particularly with its expansion to Coco Telegram Games. This achievement reflects a broader trend of innovation in the crypto gambling realm, with platforms like Hamsters.gg and Big Eyes Coin also making strides.

Degen Horse Racing is not the only interesting horse-racing offering for crypto enthusiasts. Solana-based NFT horse racing platform, Photo Finish, entered its second breeding season, captivating virtual horse owners who are pairing compatible mates using genetics-based breeding. 

Unlike traditional simulations, the game relies on genetics, resulting in unpredictable outcomes for players. Developed by Third Time Entertainment Inc., the game utilizes NFT-based horse genetics to produce unique offspring with detailed attributes.

The company's strategic partnerships, funding success, and commitment to revolutionizing the horse racing experience highlight its potential to attract a new generation of fans.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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